Monday, February 28, 2011

Wendy's @ NEX

Glutton's meal

My first time at Wendy's. Maybe you can see that, from the way I ordered a lot cos' I want to try this and that.

I ordered the baked potato because I thought that it can replace the fries if I just top-up the price difference. Little do I know that the bake potato order will be on top of the regular combo purchase. Pfft..!

Tray in the foreground was mine. Yeap, I got myself the frosty strawberry shake. On my colleague's tray in the background, you can see her coke float. Ahh, guess we just can't resist a lil' indulgence, can we?

Beverage that also works as dessert... Why not?

Broccoli and Cheese Potato

Ahh... Baked potato and cheese. Nothing can go wrong there, can it? I love my veggies so I thought having a lil' bit of broccoli will be nice.

Honestly, at one point, I got a bit apprehensive. How would a fast food outlet serve broccoli? Maybe it's those 'freeze-dried' one that they soak in hot water prior to serving (ala instant noodles)??

Ok, fine. So the broccoli look and taste normal. No instant stuff, there. Geez, can't believe I can be THAT paranoid.

Sour Cream and Chives Potato

There's just something about that sour cream. I We think that it taste a lil' weird. Tastes more like.. yoghurt?

Cheesy Potato

Hmm.. aptly ordered by another colleague who loves her cheese. Does that look sinful enough to you..?

1/2 pound double burger

My order. Took the 2 layers of meat because I thought that the square meat patties looked a lil' on the thin side. Come to think of it, this will be the same amount of beef one gets with McD's Double Quarter Pounder order. I guess the square patty's bigger than the round one, that's why.

Not at juicy as maybe the Whopper or Carl's Jr. But good enough, I guess. Love those buns, though.

Shrimp Fillet Sandwich

My colleague's order. She let me have a bite. There were large, if not whole pieces of shrimps inside that patty. Not bad actually. But I think that this wouldn't be a good idea if you're really ravenous. Seems like it's on the small side.

When I think shrimp sandwich, my mind flew to the one sold at Popeye's. Somehow, I much prefer that one. Despite costing much more.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Reminds me and taste a lil' like McD's chicken McSpicy (now, what's with all these McD comparisons?!). Nice to see they have varieties, other than beef and just chicken. There's a fish burger/sandwich, too.

I'll only go to Wendy's when I come by. Won't really go all the way for it.

PS: We eventually doggy-bag the fries. Bad idea. The taste (and texture) got from bad to worse as time pass!

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