Friday, March 04, 2011

Broadway Eating House @ Geylang Serai

I've been patronising this little food court pretty often, of late. Not because of the air-conditioning but because of the food there.

Sure, there are vast varieties of food in the hawker center above but that's the problem, you see. I'm usually there during lunch hour and I spend at least 10mins deciding what to eat. And I'm not sure if the food will be good or not, most of the time.

Here, the food is usually good. Sure there are varieties but not so much as to bedazzle me. Somehow, I always end up satisfied after dining here.

From Evertop Chicken Rice

Eversince that superb duck noodle I had previously, I'm determined to try out the porridge.

Duck Porridge

I love that the porridge has a consistency that's almost similar to a thick soup. Seems like congee, the Cantonese rice porridge.

They are generous with the condiments like spring onions, fried shallots and even slivers of pickled ginger, there. Not to mention the duck meat and its crispy bits of skin.

Thai-style boneless chicken feet

Keep reminiscing back the days when I used to 'tapao' these boneless chicken feet back, whenever I visit my grandma who lives nearby their parent outlet at Clementi.

Since I have fellow colleagues who don't mind these, I decide to order a plate to share.

Could do with more of that sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. I miss slurping that up (not in public, mind you).

Western express

Another time that we came by here, we decide to gun straight for the Western food stall.

Chicken chop

My colleague's order.

Quite a decent size of char-grilled chicken thigh fillet, doused with a choice of either mushroom or black pepper sauce.

Breadcrumbed fish & spaghetti

My order.

I was a tad hungry so I thought that the pasta can fill me up better than the greasy fries. The fish portion was alright but the meat came off as a little tasteless. There's no blob of tartar sauce or mayonnaise served on the side, as with most fish platters. :(

I had my expectations pushed up high so it was no surprise that I came out a little disappointed with this. I do look forward to their burgers, though, cos' it seems that they use real chicken & fish meat fillets instead of ready-made patties.


They claim to be the same people behind that 'pasar malam' (night market) stall that never fail to draw a long line, no matter which location they're at.

I recognise the girl manning the counter, so I guess they're right after all.

Never been able to resist buying this 'vadai' - doughnut-shaped fritter made of 'gram' flour with a medium-sized shrimp embedded on it. They are always served piping-hot and come with young & crunchy (whole) green chillies.

Sometimes I buy the 'pakoras'. They have 2 varieties of this small nibblets - spinach, that has onions bit but are a little hard to the bite. The ones with 'udang geragau' (fermented tiny shrimps) are softer but a tad salty. Goes well with chili sauce. Makes for some fun nibbling.

Also worth mentioning is the Malay stall selling mixed rice - Rose Muslim Food. Only recently did my colleagues and I realise that they were from the now-defunct Food Hub at Starhub Green!

I admit we we kinda' miss their food cos' they were done well. They never skimp on the spices and flavour. And even the ingredients used seem fresh. I can never forget how succulent the prawns in their Sambal Udang looked. And how tentalising their Ayam Masak Merah was.

I remember they used to serve Nasi Ayam Penyet accompanied with a small bowl of Sup Asam. Javanese Hot & Sour soup with some cabbage and long beans inside. And their Gado-gado (Javanese salad w/ peanut sauce) was good too. Just too bad, I don't see these being sold in their current location.

I tried their food again yesterday. Had the Sambal Kupang (mussels fried in chili), Sambal Terung (brinjal) and Ayam Lemak Cili Padi (chicken in spicy coconut gravy). All tasted superb. Just like before. (Sorry no pics. I was hungry!)

However, like always, good things come with a heavier price tag and this one is no different. My rice + 3 dishes above, set me back $6. I guess they've never really reviewed their pricing, even in this new location. Honestly, I don't mind paying a little more for something good.

Wow, this seem like a very multi-racial post. There are Chinese, Indian, Malay & Western food involved in 1 single entry!

Next up, to try the food from the BBQ seafood stall!

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