Monday, March 28, 2011

More stuff from Broadway Eating House

Chicken Porridge(s)

Ordered by my 2 colleagues. As you can see, 1 of them somewhat abhor scallions. Heh.

We can't help loving the porridge here because of its smooth consistency and of course, the taste. There's no guessing when we might just drop by here to get another bowl of either this or the duck version.

Another colleague ordered curry chicken noodle from the same stall. Makes me curious about it. Gotta try the one served here, next time.

Fried rice w/ Thai-Chilli fish - $6

Myself meanwhile, finally ordered from the BBQ seafood stall.

They had a small menu on display, showing an array of dishes served with fried rice or hotplate dishes served with plain rice. I like the idea of having fried rice with a spicy dish. Some difference for once. I can choose from black pepper/ sweet sour/Thai chilli beef/ chicken/fish.

I got a bit curious as to how the Thai sauce will be done so I ordered the Fried rice w/ Thai Chilli Fish. This one here took some time to arrive. Those who ordered from the chicken rice stall were halfway through tucking into their food when this plate was served to me.

Can you imagine how delighted I was to see those thin strips of raw onions and cucumber? Wish there was more of that Thai chilli sauce though, for it goes so well with the crispy battered fish slices. It's the regular sweet and spicy chilli sauce that has bits of chilli padi with every bite. Goes well with the lightly seasoned fried rice.

Looking forward to check out the other dishes like black pepper beef/chicken. I wonder if they serve dry-chilli chicken. My favourite zhi-char dish of all time.

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