Tuesday, March 08, 2011

McD's Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill

The burger


Appearance-wise, I'm glad to (finally) say that, "What I see is what I get."

Fresh-looking, whole lettuce leaves, slices of firm, red tomatoes. Toasted sourdough bread. Creamy sauce speckled with black pepper bits. Grilled, skin-on chicken fillet.

And darn, is the whole ensemble big or what?! I bought this with the 1-for-1 coupon and I think I can survive on just this for lunch, sans fries; thankyouverymuch.


Well, I don't know. Sure they seem to be going the healthy way with this and all (if you don't pair it with them large fries)… But it seem like they're favouring that old cliche, "Healthy food = bland food."

I can't see what's the deal with that 'chargrill sauce'. It's taste just like how it looks. Mayonnaise (or maybe sour cream) with black pepper. That's it.

And unlike KFC's Roasta burger, where the taste of the marinade seem apparent, this Teppanyaki fillet here is pretty bland, in comparison. And quoting my disappointed colleague, "Taste like microwaved chicken meat."

This snide remark on the BK poster below is on par with how we felt.

This is cheeky, can?

The battle of the grilled chicken burgers; it has begun!

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