Tuesday, March 29, 2011

89.7 Supper Club

That weekday, I took leave to bring my son for his immunisation. Hubby also had his off-day. His sister had the day off too, so she suggested that we go out somewhere.

First I thought it'll just be us hanging out together or maybe bring the kids out for a walk. Then afternoon eventually became evening as us lazy bums procrastinated about really going out (it must have been raining, that afternoon). Then there's the change of plans for the whole brood to dine out together instead since my FIL was home on that day.

My SIL and I were figuring out a suitable place that afternoon...

So where can 8 adults, 4 children and 2 babies dine at with worrying too much about logistics? There's the been-there-too-often Downtown East (5-10 mins walk away), which frankly; I'm pretty sick and tired of. I was thinking Tampines but that place is eternally crowded, weekday notwithstanding.

Then I had the 'lightbulb-moment'. "Ahh...! How about Changi Village?!"

"Err... you mean the ayam penyet/nasi lemak..."

"No, I mean that 89.7 place. Like the one at Simpang Bedok..!"

"Oh.. yar..!"

So there. We eventually took bus no. 89 from in front of our block and it was a mere 15-20mins bus ride before we saw ourselves in Changi Village. I love living in Pa'Ris Pasir Ris, I tell ya! With the amount we saved on taxi rides (can you imagine how many cabs we would need to take..?), we splurge on food.

Sorry, I can't really take pictures when with this group. No one there knows about my blogging so I prefer keeping it that way. Besides, I was sitting at one end of the looong table. Besides, there's this frisky 15 month-old that I need to watch out for.

The group of us was separated into 2. 1 end saw a group that need their staple of white rice for dinner so they ordered seafood and other dishes from the 'zhi-char' stall. While my end of the table ordered from the western/Mediterranean side.

Cheese Shawarma

My order. This is one heck of a big sandwich. Like a giant burger on a plate. I had no choice but to utilise the given fork & knife.

Shawarma is also what we also know as kebab in pita bread. You know the meat that's roasted on the vertical, rotating spit..? Yeah, that one.

Bullet steak

One of my SIL's order. She was contemplating between the Bullet and Mushroom steak and enlisted my help to choose. We realised that the Bullet steak comes with mashed potato while the Mushroom steak, with fries. That eventually help her decide.

Then she can't decide on the doneness. She eventually remarked, "Well done will do."

I was horrified. Just how can anyone eat a fully cooked steak? Imagine the tough meat! So I corrected her order to be medium-well (mine would have been medium-rare to medium).

What's your preferred doneness for steaks...?

Anyway, the people on the other end ordered a tad too much and they asked if I want some crabs. I was eventually given a large pincer coated in thick, yellowish sauce and a piece of the abdomen with black pepper sauce.

I was curious about the pincer and had a taste of the sauce. I realised that it's actually salted egg-yolk sauce. My brother had once raved about that delectable sauce after having a taste at a seafood restaurant in JB and got me really curious ever since. However, I never really got the chance to try.

I excitedly SMSed him and told him of my discovery and how much I'm loving it. He mentioned that he has the recipe and asked about where I got to try it. I told him about being at this place. And suggested coming here one day with the family.

And he replied, "Mak cook that today.... Sssseedap!" (that was copied word-for-word from the SMS he sent me).

-_____- . . . How coincidental can that be...?!!

I replied with only, "Waargh!"
Dayyum! Why he never tell me earlier! I could have gone back there!!!! Huhu.

"Very the lemak! Hahahahax" (thanks eh!)

Before I lost it, I decide to stop all communications with him that night. Heart pain, man! Thankfully, the cool breeze plus the children's' antics ease that heartache a wee bit.

That place warrants another visit! I kinda like the ambience. That was the only place that was bright and bustling with people in the middle of the quiet neighbourhood.

What shall I have then...? Crabs, maybe? Pfft.

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