Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just a simple dinner...

(this is a loong overdue post)

Time sure flies doesn't it? Blink, blink and it's already been 2 years since I 'signed my life away' to my husband… Not that it's something bad.

Despite it feeling like a very short period, many things have happened; that totally turn my life around- 360deg.

I married into an extended family that's very close-knit, such that my 2 sis-in-laws live in the same block (beat that!) I live with my parents & grandparents in-law + maid and I see the other 2 families almost every day.

As the youngest sibling in a small, nuclear family of 4; I was hardly exposed to small kids, so admittedly, I'm very much awkward when around them. And yet, I was thrust into a family with small kids coming by everyday. Needless to say, it was pretty traumatic for me, initially. Pretty soon, we got used to one another and start to get along. *phew*

Before long, I realised that I was pregnant and within that same year, we are blessed with a baby boy. Now on our 2nd anniversary, our almost 15 month-old boy has grown into a feisty kid that never fail to amuse (and also drain) us.
(As I typed this, my sleeping toddler actually rolled over to my bum and continue to doze off there... O_o)

In 2 years, yet so much happened. Well, I guess that's what marriage is about.

As it so happened, the date 7th March fell on a Monday, of all days. Anniversary or not, the Monday blues hung around us like dark clouds above our heads. So for our celebratory dinner, we simply settled for Downtown East, which is like; some 10mins walk from our place. :P

I was thinking, which eating establishment shall we dine at? There's an amazing list of halal restaurants there itself. I was pondering between Popeye's, Magic Wok or Ocean Seafood Restaurant, BBQ Chicken, Seoul Garden, Fig & Olive, Pastamania and Streats.

Guess where my hubby eventually choose to dine at?

Asli Village, la. The Food Court! -__-

Disappointment aside, I still let him decide our eventual fare *miffed*. Thankfully, he was in his right mind to order from the 'zhi char' stall. If he had asked me to order my own stuff at any of the stalls, I would have sulked big-time (and I'm never the type to sulk).

This is the same stall where we've patronised previously.

The Stall

Shrimp Omelette

Just like any other omelette, with the addition of small salt-water shrimps. Kinda' like the chilli sauce it comes with.

Hotplate Seafood Tofu

The seafood could have been fresher. Well, it's a Monday after all.

It may be a turn off to some but as a lover of half-cooked eggs, I'm delighted to see that the eggs are a lil' runny on one side. So I hastily scooped that up before they get cooked through on the hotplate.

Taste-wise, I dare say that I've had better.

Stir-fried French Beans

Oooh... I love this! The french beans were still sweet & crunchy, despite them being thoroughly cooked. Reminds me of Kangkong Belacan, just that they used French Beans instead. And loads of dried shrimp bits. Done very much the Nyonya way.

Hotplate Back Pepper Beef

Just the way I like it. Loaded with lots of scallions, ginger slices & onions. The beef however, left an aftertaste that reminded me of tenderizer usage. Otherwise this dish was fine by me.

It was a pretty simple, yet satisfying dinner. Just how our marriage is like. Guess we are meant to be together after all. It's true how opposites can complement each other. He brings me back down to earth while I add some colours into his life.

Happy 2nd anniversary, dear. You may not have discovered this blog of mine yet. If you eventually do, maybe then you'll know why I keep taking photos of food as soon as they are served. ;-)

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