Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chilling out at Secret Recipe

Met up with a dear, long-time pal- Tini, after work. it was a rainy evening and we decide to just chill at Secret Recipe in Tamp 1 with coffee and cakes. And oh, some fries. :P

She was very eager for me to try her favourite cake, the White Chocolate Macadamia and she excitedly ordered that. Only to have the server peer at the counter and apologetically inform us that it wasn't available that day.

Man, I didn't know that some cakes can be unavailable on certain days. Think one should call the branch in advance to enquire on the cakes available on that particular day. To avoid disappointment.

Anyway, this is the description of the White Chocolate Macadamia cake:
"...An incredible combination of fresh roasted macadamia nuts and creamy vanilla filling, coated with white chocolate. A must try for white chocolate lovers..."

Sounds good, aye Tini?

Cheeze Choc

"...Soft chocolate mixed baked cheese and biscuit base..."

Ok, that doesn't describe much does it? Well, I think it's baked cheesecake with biscuit base; topped with chocolate mousse and covered with choc. fudge/ganache with fresh cream on the side.

Sounds decadent? Taste that way, too.

Chocolate strawberry cake

"...Layers of cocoa sponge sandwiched with fresh cream and strawberries, coated with rich chocolate and decorate with strawberry toppings..."

Strawberry toppings, eh? I checked their website and discovered that this slice of cake here doesn't have that strawberry layer on top.

Nice pairing, this one. Where the sweet and tangy strawberry balance the slight bitterness of the semi-sweet choc fudge and the taste further com[complemented by the fresh cream in between.

Kinda' like strawberry shortcake with chocolate sponge & choc. fudge. ;)))

Once again, thanks for suggesting the meet-up babe! Really sweeten my day, after a hectic time in the office. Hope another one will be coming soon!


Anonymous said...
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Tini said...

Yes, another meet up is much needed! Thank u so much for that day. The bus ride was nostalgic. Reminiscing the Eunos pri moments!
InsyaAllah will fix the date.