Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Melvados Browney's!

Okay, I'm supposed to blog about something else but I just can't wait to share this new find.

Went to 7-11 to grab their handy Pocket Sandwiches for breakfast the next day. After paying for them, I walked pass the chiller and saw some candy bars at where they display their ready-made food & drinks.

Ok, so I thought them to be candy bars. I picked one up and saw a MUIS Halal logo. Wow. It is a Singapore product after all. I read their ingredients and they seem to tell me that I'm holding a REAL brownie, not a chocolate bar calling itself a brownie.

I wanted to give one a try and I discovered that there are 4 different types available. Black & White, Double Chocolate, Macadamia & Marbled Browney. I chose the double chocolate, a natural favourite. I asked about the price. Only $2.30!

It's a brownie bar!

That rainy evening, I was pretty famished and I saw on the schedule that the next bus will be a little late. I can't help myself and decide to open the packaging.

Double Chocolate Brownie

This sight surprised me. That seem like a generous amount of walnut chunks! And look at how dense the brownie seem. I have a strong feeling it's gonna be fudgey.

*took a big bite*

Boy, am I right or what?! It's sure is fudgey. And chocolatey. And not to sweet. This is the real deal brownie alright.

That's it! No more cafe-bought brownies for me, from now on. Those that will set me back around $3++ at least. This $2.30 off-the-shelf, store-bought one will more than suffice for me, thank you.

These brownie bars need be kept chilled and the expiry date shows that it can last up to 6 months only. Probably because no preservatives are used?

My mission now is to try out the other 3 varieties. :)))

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