Wednesday, February 16, 2005

When The Cats Are Away, The Mice Come Out To Play...

Heard of this???
Well.... Cats = My boss & his wifey ~ Mice = My collegue & myself


No lah, we very kwai-kwai, ok. The baddest thing we did so far is coming a weeny late and a weeny longer lunch. That's all. Really!
Too little work for such a long period (they coming back mid next week) and I try to spread whatever work we have. The time in between is spent, erm... surfing the net. That's why I'm blogging now.
Last week, it didn't rain. I only watered the plant in the office balcony garden 2wice. I forgot, lah. Can't help it. So many plans. On Mon, my mum woke me up with her 'horror-of-horrors' voice, "You haven't watered the plant for the past 5 days! I bet they're withered by now. Kesian, tau!"


I actually intend to water the plants that very day cos' I tot' I'll be working. Forgot that that Monday is not an auspicious day to re-open the office a.k.a work starts the day after. Darn! Still have to go to office?!

When I came at 1+ (after the Grammys), the sun was high in the sky and the weather scorching hot & this is what greet me. . .

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A dying tree! Aghast! I have never seen leaves so yellow! Whoopsie! Mampos, kalau bini boss aku tahu!
I actually left the water running in the pot for a whole 5mins. Biar dia kenyang! Most of the plants were practically shrivelled. Too dry, you see. You should see all the dead/dried leaves. I actually amassed a whole bagful of them. Oh dear me! Poor plants!
Ok, ok. Enuff bout' the plants. How about something eerie? Yes, eerie.

I know most ppl have been frequenting the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) webbie, rite? They were very much into these 'orbs' thingy, which was often found at creepy places like empty houses, graveyards etc. Basically places known to be infested with those 'out-of-the-world' fellas.

Last week my family had a chalet @ East Coast. We scraped thru' the booking system & managed a room at the conermost area of the resort. Room U01. Very the hujung, in fact it's the last room, right beside the 'famed' pond with the big Beringin Tree (the ones with those twines like tarzan used in the jungle). Very private corner, in fact, very quiet.

Anyway my bro went trigger-happy and snapped shots randomly of the area that night. Look what we found....
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I discovered this big orb right above my dad who was sleeping at the parapet outside the chalet (in the compound). What the??!

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My crazy bro took a pic of this tree right in front of our chalet. When we viewed the captured pic on the camera screen... Erk! There were so many orbs up in that tree! We looked up. Nothing. (that we can see with our naked eyes, anyway). Hmm... Creepy.

You think this is pic too blur? Need more justification? Look below, then.

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I adjusted the pic such that the orbs can be clearly seen. See? A lot, rite! Then did you notice the slightly hazy background in the tree, where the orbs, are? Spooky....

Spooky or not, I still hung around beneath that tree after the bowling session with my cousins. Still can cycle out to the pond & see this ah-pek feed the cats in the wee hours of the morning... Alone, some more. Cheh!

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