Saturday, February 26, 2005

The day I went for a massage...Owwww!
My gosh! If it's a wonder why I'm at home at all, this being a Saturday night, all I can say is, "My body hurts like crazy!!!"

Ok, so I voluntarily send it for 'assault' but pain is still pain, all right? It's been ages since I last went for a massage( since the day I bow away from the ridiculously expensive spa treatments), when the day finally come today (after much coaxing from my dear parents), I now felt like some punching bag.

It started with some foot reflexology. One thing I learnt from that part of the experience:Water retention make foot massages hurt like hell.

When it comes to the back massage, gosh, I spent 1/2 the time telling myself, "If mothers giving birth use correct breathing techniques to help counter some of the pain, I can use it for this moment," So amidst the ,"Eargh! Oww! Eeek!" I tell myself, "Breathe, for goodness sake, breathe!"

One thing I learn from back massages: Sitting to long hours in the office, staring at the computer, turns your neck and shoulders into some logs. Yes, it's THAT stiff. The pain told me just that.

Needless to say, I came out of the shop somewhat exhausted. But hey! It's my first time, that's why it hurts so much (I hope that's the case).

...Anyway, I better not quit for I have forked out some $200 for another 10 or so sessions. Darn!

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