Saturday, February 05, 2005

Aaargh! IE actually closed down on my thousand over typed words!!!!!!!!!!

If not for the music of Muse playing in the background, I would have bashed the monitor right into the wall behind it (wah, got that violent, meh??)!!! I pity the monitor sometimes. The CPU give the problems, they suffer the aftermath of the user's fury. Sheesh!



As of now, I would have been bungy jumping at Phuket.

My Tiger air flight would have departed from Changi airport at aroung 0730 just now. I would have reached Phuket at 0830.

As we would have missed the morning ferry to Phi Phi Island by then, we planned to checked out the Jungle Bungy site at Kathu to fill in the time till' the next batch of ferries scheduled at ard 1330-1430. I would have jumped off with my collegue watching at the cafe below. If I'm willing to part with more $$ (despite having just arrived), I would have jumped another. We would watch others jump to pass the time.

We would have taken the ferry to Phi Phi. We might have reached there at ard 1530-1630(depending on what ferry we took). Then we would have checked into P P Charlie Resort. Would have recuperated awhile in our bungalow before washing up and setting off to the Loh Dalum shopping area. We already set our sight on Princess Resort Dive Centre(which is at the neighbouring resort) but we would wanna survey the other dive shops(for better packages) before having dinner. We would have an early night.

We would have gone diving the next day. Dive at Hin Daeng and Hin Muang & Shark Point. Imagine what we would have seen underwater. 2 dives - that would have taken the whole day.

The next day would have been spent canoeing and snorkelling. Goodness knows, where we would and could have gone, how far and what we would have seen. Must be tiring. Maybe could have made our way to the famous Maya Beach again. I can't get enough of that place.

The next morning, after breakfast, we would have started packing. The ferry to Phuket leave at ard noon. Meaning that we would be able to check in at Baan Laimai Resort at Patong by 1400-1500hrs. After washing up we will survey the Patong shopping district, maybe made our way to Phuket Town and do some shopping.

We would have spent the next day beach-hopping. We'll venture to Bang Tao, Karon, Kata, Surin, Nai Yang etc. That night we will go to Fantasea. We missed that the last time we came to Phuket due to a very tight budget & schedule.

The next day would have been spent on Patong Beach. Parasailing, riding the banana boat, waverunner, sun bathing and even hair braiding. Heck, I actually grow long hair for that very purpose!

We would have gotten back to our resort all tanned, tired but happy. We will go for a good ol' massage that night to untangle our knotted muscles after all that activities. Darn, I forgot the name of the hotel the shop is in..
Then we would start packing, then for our flight back to S'pore would have been in the morning.

After breakfast, we would have hopped onto the taxi (baggage & all) to the airport. We would have reached Singapore at ard 1000-1100hrs, Friday. Home Sweet Home.

Yah, rite.

Notice that my entry was peppered with 'would have's. Yes, that was a holiday trip that was not meant to be.

The flight tickets were booked & already paid for(no refund). We kept checking the room availabilty of P P Charlie & Baan Laimai Resorts, making sure there's still a room for us during this period. We would have booked those rooms immediately, when we got our pay that December.

Now, those resorts are no more. Along with some of their staff and guest. The waves come and take away everything. Everything.

Dun' get me wrong. I am grateful for this opprtunity to bond with my family & friend during this week-long leave, instead of flying away. Yep, both my collegue & myself decided to stay put - for now.

I hope that the tourism industry in Phuket can be revived abck to it's former bustling, popular state. Things can never be the same, I know. Look at Bali. Life is slowly crawling back to its almost normal self.

To know what happen to P P Charlie, click here.
The announcement they made on their main page - heart wrenching. See the before & after pictures they put up.

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