Monday, February 14, 2005

Marina - The Quest For The (Sick) Merlion

The weather is just sooooo hot!
Fortunately for me, my boss and his wifey kinda' followed the Chinse custom (despite being self-proclaimed atheists) of picking an auspicious date to officialy re-open the office after the Lunar New Year.

That means... I have the opportunity to catch the Grammys live! Yes, Live! While others are painfully trying to keep up with a recorded version of the show at this hour, I can use this chance to update my entries & change my skin. Heh, it looks kinda pathetic, I know. Forgive me - it's my first time. Should I have another set of free time, I shall make another (and hopefully, better) attempt.

Meanwhile, this is what went through last weekend...
Marina - The Quest For The Hong Bao & The (Sick) Merlion

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We met up in the late afternoon, after a quick lunch. One of my cousins came with his newly-pregnant wifey (congrats!!). Meanwhile, we hung around at the bay while waiting for my other cousin & her family to arrive. Sempat makan ice-cream. Murah jugak, kat sana. Only $2 for the supreme Cornetto.

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My other cousin came after maghrib with her family, complete with the baby pram. Good also lah. That will mean that the seats have kinda' cooled off by the time we took the rides. Had a bad experience once, where we took an open-air ride in the middle of the day and practically burnt our bums on the scorching-hot-black seats. Serik!

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My poor little nephew has yet to see the 'sick' merlion i.e. where it practically let out a loadful of water from its insides - to puke. Last time he came it was in the day and thats it. The merlion just stood there - healthy.
It was worth the walk. The merlion was there in all its glory, surrounded by bright & colourful lighting and spouting the sea-water recycled from around it. All of us got trigger-happy. Waaaaah! Macam jakun, gitu.

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Pardon this blurred pic. T'was taken by a kind fellow who happened to have shaky hands. I like the background, though.

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After all that walk, my cousin complained of hunger. Unlike us, she didn't manage to take a quick bite before coming there. Alahai, keshian. The Satay Club under the bridge was closed, due to CNY. Next choice? Lau Pa Sat. Kinda' far but who's to complain?
The teh tarik, power! Buy it at the lone stall with the mamak.

Once again, I'd like to thank my sweet bro who bothered coming to Lau Pa sat to fetch me and my cousins + my nieces and send them back all the way to Jurong.
You're the greatest (and only) bro!

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