Sunday, February 13, 2005

Costa Sands East Coast Chalet - The Quest For The Night Owl

As soon as we check-in, the mak2xs get to work. Out with the rolling-pin, dough, inti, deep fryer and a tub of yummy sambal. In less than an hour, we were served with piping-hot roti boyan ~ made there and then, on the chalet verandah. Very efficient.

Towards the evening, the men get to work. Prepare the bbq pit, set up the fire and get the grill going. Charred wings, anyone?

Few minutes before the stroke of midnight, the kids were still not sleeping and the abg2x & kakak2x had nothing to do. What are the activities one can do late into the night?
We actually brought the whole brood. Should see the way the little kids bowl. Klakar maut! I think it's not them who carried the ball but vice-versa. It doesn't help that they choose the ball according to the colour and not the weight.
Played 1 game with the kids, send them back to sleep (it's already 1+) and came back to play a further 2 games with the elder cousins. We left when they're almost closing, I guess.

My pathetic idea of sleeping must have started at the time when the cock starts to crow (if there still is). Heck, I can even tell you the dew that Thursday morning fell at 0426hrs. Very chilly, I'd say.
Before that, I spend my time cycling around East Coast. I swear it doesn't cross my mind that it's not safe to cycle around alone in that hour. I'm just so dead bored and unsleepy.

Sometime in the late morning that Thursday, our next door neighbour were already leaving. What surprised us was that they actually had to leave early & still had 1 more night on their booking. They entrusted us with the key and asked that we check-out for them the day after. We were free to use that room till then. Woo hoo!!!

If this had happened the night before, then we wouldn't have to sleep all mashed against one another like some canned sardines. But who am I to complain? After all my relatives left that evening, my own family of 4 was left with the luxury of 2 whole rooms to ourselves that night! Sweet dreams are made of this.....

That Thursday afternoon was spent at the beach. It was still scorching hot but we braved the heat anyway. We drew a line at taking a dip in the sea cos' the tide was too low and all that residue on the shore line was a big turn-off.

Before my relatives left for home, we decided to have dinner together somewhere. After a foiled plan A, we rested on the idea of going to Simpang Bedok for dinner. My family had a great experience the previous time we were there but I guess it's not the same that night. Dahlah parking susah nak dapat, the service & food was darn disappointing.

We went our separate ways after thanking one another for the wonderful time. The kids were fretting about having to attend school the next day. Hah ha! Apa mau skolah?!

Meanwhile, my family enjoyed the quiet night with 2 whole rooms to ourselves. My dad & my bro in one room and my mum & myself in the other adjoining room. Shiok, man!

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