Sunday, February 13, 2005

Boy time sure flies.. I can't complain, saying, "Where has the past week gone?!"
Cos' looking back, I can see that there's a lot that I've done and I've got these strained muscles & sore limbs to prove it.

MacRitchie Reservoir - The Quest for The Tree-Top Hike

The bunch of us in the hiking/trekking trip. 3 adults + 2 teens + 8 kids. I sure felt like a school teacher on an excursion trip.

We start on what will soon be a 4hr long trek.

We walked around 5km/2hrs to come to this - The Tree-Top Walk a.k.a the suspension bridge 25m above the ground; that puts you on the same level as the top of the surrounding foliage, hence the name.

And for all that, we were rewarded with this. Sigh... What a magnificent sight - in Singapore, no less.

And the best part? Not one of the kids, I repeat, not ONE of the kids kicked a fuss throughout the whole trip, despite the super-hot weather & very long + tiring journey. They were such a great sport.

That's what make me wanna bring my cousins, nephews & nieces on such adventure trips. First it was overnight camping @ East Coast, then it's this trekking trip.

Next stop?

Hmm... Maybe Bt. Timah or a full-day Sentosa trip or maybe even Pulau Ubin. I love making these kids happy.... *Muacks!*

To see the pics, go >>>here<<<

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