Saturday, February 26, 2005

In order to make myself feel less pathetic, I decide to commit myself to the, "Great Blog-Hopping Mission."

Gosh, that sounds even MORE pathetic.

... Anyway, I discovered some really cool blogs and I sure dun' mind sharing them. Here goes...

1> Jellyfish Online
She hailed all the way from Australia and her blog entries never failed to make me laugh. Despite the sombre note of her latest entry, I have to admit that I'm still laughing. Not that I'm laughing at someone else's misfortune, but this girl is still funny even when she's pissed. Serious.

Try this: ".... I'm there, making dinner, running the bath, and trying to over-compensate by being wacky crazy funtimes babysitter...
And so I forget to turn the taps off. And the bath overflows. And FLOODS THE MAIN BEDROOM. I'm not joking. Metres of carpet saturated. As I ran into the room, I actually saw little black spots in front of my eyes and thought I was going to pass out...."

Do scroll down to read her earlier entry: Shonky Showtunes Moments of Shame. Oooh, those pics & info are a classic! For this, I believe you'll laugh even harder when reading other bloggers submitting their OWN 'Shonkastic Moments' (as requested by Ms Jellyfish herself).

2> The Krankiboy Khronicles
Now this fella, comes from California, L.A. Check out the way he fired away at the District Administration after they got him 'pre-fired', meaning losing his job he loved so much prematurely. And it wasn't him who is the problem. It's them. So sad.

His latest entry blew me away. *snickers*
Apparently, this guy, when hearing that Kranki was a former writer, actually dashed off suddenly. He came back to pass him a screenplay. So this guy is a budding screenwriter...Hmm... He actually also gave his 'headshot'. Check that out at Kranki's entry....

*snickers again* Now this is the best part. THE screenplay is titled:
Slade Ripfire: Deadly Blood-Kick to Oblivion
You think the title is not cheesy enough? Try this, "... All over the city there are karate crimes of deadly portions.."
~Huh? 'Karate crimes'???
"... The killer revealed - It's Cho-Cho Washington the baddest black chicano karate teach in the city (Slade is all-black with no Chicano)..."
~Did I read it right? The baddie's name is 'Cho-Cho Washington'!!!? Heee... Geez! Give me 10 reasons not to laugh!

3> Query Letters I Love
Query letters are summaries of a person's idea as to what a movie should be about.
Eg: Query letter for Titanic will be, "Cheesy love story of a pair of lovers who were there when the great Titanic sank. Girl is from upper-class, boy is poor. Girl's fiance is also on board..." Of course that 'cheesy' part is something I chose to add.

This blog is regularly updated with query letters sent in from various people from all over who had ideas for upcoming movies. And yes, this blogger is based in Hollywood.

You never know what kind of quirky ideas ppl have for their take on creative thinking. Tsk tsk...

4> Greg the Boyfriend
Now this is quite a famous bloggerwho resides in New York city. I learnt of him from another blogger. Frankly speaking, I am still stuck in this blog trying to read his entries from the start. I admit, I'm hooked.

What drew me to his entries is that it was written like some sort of biography. Goodness knows, just how honestly he writes them but it sounds good to me. You may be turned off by his ultra-wacko lifestyle full of 'wham bam thank-you mams'. Pretty aimless and almost frustrating but the thing is, it seemed real. I blog-hopped to learn about other peoples' lifestyles and I sure am learning a lot from his blog. Though there were at times when he really sounded somewhat shallow.

To sum it up, you'll be reading entries from a 'pathetic lovesick drunk' and an 'almost jerk', if not one. Well, he said so himself...

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