Wednesday, February 23, 2005

UEFA Champions League

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The knockout round begins and so do my nights of lacking sleep. Sigh... All for the passion for the game. At least it's only 2wice a week.
Bayern Munich 3 - Arsenal 1
Arsenal, my choice team from the English Premier League failed - again. By the time the 3rd goal from home team Bayern Munich was conceeded, I proceed to concentrate on the other game on another channel(Star Sports) permanently, thus missing the goal by Toure. What's a goal as compared to the 3 by their opponents? At a stage where every goal is VERY important, that single goal only caused a weeny dent.

Besides, almost everybody agreed that Arsenal is pretty unreliable/hopeless when it comes to the Champions League.

The absence of Sol Campbell & Ashley Cole was sorely felt as one can see the wavering defence of the gunners. If only Mr Aerophobia a.k.a Dennis Bergkamp was there, things could have been slightly different. Henry was so handicapped under the strong defence of B.Munich, despite the ominous presence of small-guy Freddie Ljungberg on the right flank. I never liked keeper Jens Lehmann cos' without strong defence, he's nothing and he proved it again this morning. If only he's half as good as the keepers playing in the other game on the other channel - Buffon from Juventus & Casillas from Real Madrid. They are the best from Serie A & La Liga respectively, no doubt bout' that.
Real Madrid 1 - Juventus 0
Talking bout' the other game on the other channel, I simply enjoyed the match between Juventus & Real Madrid despite it being foul aplenty. Despite not liking Real, I have to admit they played a great game just now. I felt Juventus could have done better with more attack despite Pavel Nedved managing to get fit in time for this game. Too bad Striker David Trezeguet is nursing a bout of flu at home.

Everyone knows that a cross from David Beckham brings a 50% chance of bringing it to a goal and it happened again. This time not from the attack but a good head from defender Iván Helguera. I call that lucky but... go figure.

Until now, I am still amazed by the speed and energy of Mr-self-proclaimed-to-be-handsome, Roberto Carlos. No wonder his leg muscles are bulging here, there & everywhere.
Liverpool 3 - Bayer Leverkusen 1
I bet Liverpool's fans were worried, knowing that Steven Gerrard & new-boy Fernando Morientes were not playing but I guess those anxiety are unecessary, ain't it? It sure doesn't help there's no live telecast for this match in their homeground.

However the great form of Luis Garcia, Milan Baros, John Arne Riise, Dietmar Hamann & Igor Bišcan, Gerrard's replacement in midfield made up for that. They had 3 goals to prove it.

Despite that, I think coach Rafael Benitez couldn't be happy with the last-minute goal during injury time by Brazilian striker França from the German side.
PSV Eindhoven 1 - AS Monaco 0
PSV scored the winning goal very early. Under 10mins, in fact. That's all. I dun' follow up this game all that much.
BTW, did anybody see the pattern on the scoreboard? 3-1,1-0,3-1,1-0. Bet many fellas' are rushing to buy numbers. It's Wed, rite. Hee... Not that I care, anyway.

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