Sunday, December 18, 2005

friday shisha chill

friday :: shisha :: chill
Friday-16th Dec

Boss left early. Bored.

A fren, not seen since the pre-Ramadhan days asked bout' a possible dinner meet-up. Maybe Yan, my cousin might be joining too. Anything goes, man. Just break the routine.

One was on MC and he refused to be seen in the light of day. In his line of work, they have lotsa' staff on the road EVERYWHERE, so chances of him being spotted 'was high' (as quoted). He wanted to meet only 'after midnight'. Erk??!

The other is a teacher on her long break. Nursing a sore right eye though (hence the cute specs!). Upon meeting her, the first thing she said, "Today's gonna be my treat!"

She wanted to eat at Arab Street, maybe where 'we can sit on the floor'. So I intend to bring her to the one of the places where-I've-had-my-iftar back in Ramadhan- Ambrosia Cafe and El-Sheikh. Given a choice, I'd rather take her to the latter.

Though I've not tried their food, the ambience's great and it's more 'authentically' mediterranean. However, Ambrosia is nearer to the mrt station, while El-Sheikh is at the (other) end of Pahang Str. It's fine if I drive, but we're on foot.

She's a bit taken in by the relaxed atmosphere of the upper level, despite the fact that the dim lighting caused her to strain her sore eye.

The food I ordered came really late so we got a complimentary plate of pita bread with hummus dip. The food's (frankly speaking) just so-so. The price is tad steep, though.

Was glad to know that both of us do enjoy the shisha so we ordered one while waiting for my food order to come. It's weird, sharing the shisha just between the both of us (usually there's at least 3 ppl). Given Hajar's not-so-good condition, I end up being the one with the shisha and I used it till' I got high, liao. . .

. . .It's been really nice to meet up after a long while. Hope you get the tix to see ur fren!

PS: Come to think of it, it's the first time we met without the car. There's just so much that we talked about on our journey home. The change felt great!

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