Friday, December 09, 2005

free coffee::great dinner

free coffee::great dinner

Yesterday was the Starbux Christmas special. They gave away free drinks from 5-7pm. No, it wasn't me who worked there. Tini just got stationed there to help out. She told me to come down to get the drink. Geez, I knock off at 6. And that's when things go my way and I ain't got much things holding me back.

But I remembered Tini saying... "Aiyah, early or late, you'll still get your free drink. I'll make sure about that." So I don't bother queueing (was choosing between my all-time fav, Caramel Macchiato & the Peppermint Mocha Frap. I opt for the latter, seeing how the Macchiato is always available while the P'mint Mocha is only avaibale during the festive period).

What amazed me is not the free drink. It's the amount of food that Tini consumed (or ALMOST consumed) that night. Before she knocked off, she ate some OCK fish balls and put aside a curry puff. While waiting for me at the bank, she bought some stuff from OCK-again. Told me it's for her fiance. But later gave me a wide grin before taking a big bite of a black pepper curry puff (note: she still had the other curry puff in her bag). I had recommended that to her and she can't resist trying.

While waiting for my family to arrive, we relaxed at Ya Kun and ordered coffee + toast. Thing is, Tini ordered kaya toast enough for FOUR people instead of two. And the reason we're waiting for my family? It's to have DINNER. Well, it's on her anyway. Who am I to complain?

My dad called to say he's arriving so the both of us gulped down the coffee, packed the remaining toasts (like *duh*. you think we can finish them?) and made our way to Kartini Restaurant to book a table for 5pax. I missed that place. Had always passed it but never thought of entering. My mum somehow had suggesteed to my dad about having dinner there and since it's my bro's day off, and I had already agreed to meet Tini at Parkway Parade, the timing couldn't be better.

I remember, the last time I stepped in there, the place was bigger and I was still a little tot (hey, maybe the place seemed bigger thru' the eyes of a small girl! MAYBE...). And the concept then was that you queue up, choose what you want and pay before taking a seat. Now, it's a true-blue restaurant. Tini was a bit apprehensive about having dinner with my family. I was like, "Hello? It's not like you dunno my family. You've even slept at my house!" She was like.. "Heh.." *sheepish*

Dinner was fun. My mum ordered so many dishes, I was wondering if we could finish them. Let see... There were 2 vegetable dishes, 2 diff. gravy, 2 bowls of crackers, fried chicken, fried prawns, tahu telor, and 2 WHOLE fish (diff. dish). Whether is the camaraderie among us in the family, the great food, the relaxed ambiance or all of the above- somehow Tini forgot about her initial discomfort and became part of my family. Maybe the presence of that 'little kid' (in the form of my 26-year old bro) helped her to relax with his open passion for all things fried & crispy and his exhilaration on being able to order (and consume) them.

Tini was waiting for her fiance (who had yet to knock off) so she chilled with my family at East Coast Park with some coconut juice to wash down that hearty meal... And my bro bought the all time favourite- freshly roasted chinese chestnuts (friggin expensive but nice, nontheless). My dad had asked for another coffee cos' the one he had at the restaurant was 'cold' and 'unsatisfactory' (by his standards, that is). I tell you, sitting by the beach at night is not always a cool/breezy experience. That night the air was still, the wind hardly blew and the leaves didn't rustle. I can sit in an old coffee shop and get more breeze, albeit an old fan blowing. Geez!

Sent my mum to work before ending the day with a petrol top-up and a car wash (car also need to eat and bathe, ok?). Tini arranged for her fiance to simply fetch her at the petrol station. Introduced her fiance to my dad. Bade one another goodbye.

End of Thu.

note: these are just sample pics of Tini and the food that I had in my files. Actual pics of that day is in Tini's cammie and I had yet to get the peeks from her.

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