Thursday, December 15, 2005


sun-11th Dec

Tell me this is not overdue... Well, who cares.

Back to Sat (before help my grandma move her stuff). I was at my aunt's to collect some curry puff and my cousin Imah showed me a letter that her dad got. Apparently, it says that by bringing the letter to Escape Theme Park, one is eligible for 4 FREE tix. Thing is, it's only available for that weekend. Like it or not, I decided to accompany her the next day. But not before asking my other 2 cousins (one of then brought her 3 kids) along.

I've been there like, 4 ... 5 times?? If not for the fact that it's free, I wouldn't have bothered. There's nothing much there (to me, that is). Especially after the accident incident at one of the rides recently, I knew that they will take extra precautions in handling the rides. So it's not surprising to see that 2 of the supposedly more exciting rides were 'under maintenance'. And the other 'thrilling' ride doesn't allow more that 5 pax per ride.

My recommendation will be The Haunted House. Definitely NOT for the weak-hearted. And small kids had better not enter. Unless they want to someone to accompany them everytime they go to the toilet or sleep with the lights on for the next few months. It's not those crappy/cheesy stuff you often see at other places, like a tram taking you down the 'road of horror' where goblins and vampires smile their evil smile at you. So faux pas.

Here, the ghosts are more 'local'. Especially the famed Pontianak (horrific female vampire). So darn REAL. Real to the MAX. And you have to practically WALK through the narrow passages at your own pace. So narrow are the passages that the 'ghosts' are mere inches from you. The turns are so tight, you never know what await you around the next corner. My young nieces and cousins almost went in. Luckily they chickened out before entering. I can't imagine having to console them should they really entered.

The first few turns, there will be some staff will pretending to stay still- then (abruptly) start moving and (try to) scare the hell outta' you as you pass. No wonder we've been warned not to 'kick' the ghosts. Seriously, my first instinct would be to kick or even punch that someone who jumped at me like that.

Our group had 6 persons. Leading the pack was this man and his young daughter who clung on tightly to his arms; followed by me, then my cousins Nor, Su & Imah. 1/4 into the 'journey', I dunno what really happened in the near darkness when the staff were scaring us but I suddenly felt myself being pushed forward, then pulled back, bump into someone before finding myself at the BACK of the WHOLE pack. What the...???!

Before entering,I had dismissed this place as crappy, seeing how it looked so small from outside. It looked more like a shack to me. Somehow, inside, it doesn't seem that way. We must have made at least 10 turns (definitely more) down the many passageways and the numerous 'ghosts'. Being the last one, I kept looking back to see if there were anymore blooming idiots attempting to creep up to scare us from behind. Eerily enough, right after we passed the pontianak there were no longer any staff hiding anywhere. It was just us and the... well, you know. Could it be that something had happened in this part of the journey, that not one of the staff wanna be stationed there...???

Our nerves were so frayed that we were disappointed when each turn did not bring us to the exit. "Oh no, not more turns... Where's the door?" The poor girl in front kept begging her dad to bring her out. I remember passing one 'ghost' in the form of a malnourished-looking man huddling in a corner, hugging his knees close to his chest. It wasn't just me but the 4 of us were VERY SURE that we saw his eyes FOLLOWING us as we passed him. Creepy, rite?

We were very exasperated at one point where we have yet to find the exit door when I looked back again. Saw some shadows. And voices. Then footsteps. So I shouted, "Someone's coming!" I dunno why, my cousins started running. Huh??! The door was after the next turn and we're out into the sun (finally!!). Turned out, the shadows I saw were the group behind us. We were supposed to be at least 5mins behind one another. How is it that they exit at the same time as us??

Looking at them panting, I realised that they actually RAN. They must have ran all the way, considering how close they were to us despite the time difference. I guess they must be that DAMN scared. Not surprisingly, we went to the ladies after that. Our bladder urgently asked to be emptied (after all that fright).

The only thing that kept me sane in that theme park was the stunt diving performance/show by this group from Warner Bros, Australia. Basically it's just one of the divers that kept me a weeny bit upbeat. He is OH-SO-HOT!!! Nicely toned bod with the uber-sexy pelvic muscle to boot. I LIKE! Went home after the 3pm show. Turned out, that cute diver walked beside us when we're at Downtown East Cheers. I wasted no time ogling at him. Hey, it's not like I'm gonna see him again! No harm embarassing myself right there.

I reached my car, only to find a parking ticket on my windscreen. DAMMIT! Yeah, I was a couple of hourse overdue. Fined for 10 bucks! Sheesh! And I saw an a parking officer standing in front of my car from far when I left Downtown East. I pushed my luck and switched on my car from across the road for fear that he'll give me another ticket (on top of the one already on my windscreen). He walked away after that. Phew!

Had our meal at Banquet Eastpoint. I missed eating shashimi. Oh yeah, the 4 adults + 4 kids all stuffed into my car. Of course it's like a can of sardines. And instead of quickly reaching Eastpoint so as to shorten their discomfort, I actually got lost. From Pasir Ris to Simei- so near and I still got lost! Tsk!

Later went to Bedok to look for my bro's Santa suit. Wasted effort. Eventually went home all bushed. Must have been the hot, hot weather that day.


mama tasya said...

wah best nyer tempat..d last tyme i went was bout 5yrs..mesti alot had changed eh..maybe i shud drag my hubby ge sana..heehee

CT said...

maybe kan... jangan pergi skarang dulu7.. semenjak kes budak jatuh.. now they are pretty careful with the ride.. some rides still under maintenance check... rugi kalau tak dapat naik... tikit mahal..