Tuesday, December 13, 2005


friday::saturday (and a little bit of sunday)

I sure yak a lot in the previous post.....
Reminds me of the English paper during the 'O's. I always thought that I was too long winded in my story-telling. Was later told that I was 'narrative'. Whatever.

So here I will make a pathetic attempt at being brief yet precise, in dictating this entry.

Friday-9th Dec

Met up with Suzy (centre). It's her day off and I'm just plain bored. The girl went shopping with her mum before meeting me. Then the poor girl had to resort to wandering aimlessly alone (her mum went home) cos' I was an hour late. Planned to just have coffee and chill but becoz I got pissed after being given an urgent job in the last hour (hence, I was late)- I got hungry.

And she, having waited so long for me, got hungry too.
So we trooped down to Magic Wok @ Capitol Bldg.
We don't wanna eat rice so we settled for Pad Thai (thai fried noodle). I chose the $8 plate. Since the $4 plate serves 1, I simply thought that the $8 plate serves 2.
Cos' when the dish came, it looked like it can serve FOUR. And that's ON TOP of the:
-Boneless Chicken with Thai Sauce
-Baby Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce
-Seafood Tom Yam Soup
I tot' that the small table for 2 would be just nice for us but Suzy reminded me that it may not have enough space for what we ordered. So we shared thus HUGE round table (you know, the one with the turnable glass panel in the middle) with a group of giggly girls. They kept looking at us cos' we DID order enought to feed THEIR group of 5.

Determined to work that heavy dinner off, we walked to Suntec for dessert (yah, it's a dumb idea, I know). I dunno how we eventually had space for that but we did pay her sister, who was working at Yami Yoghurt (she's the un' on the left) a visit. Got a regular cup at a discounted price. Then we walked back to City Hall mrt for home.

**End of Fri**

Sat-10th Dec
My grandma moved house. Maybe she finally grew tired of living alone so she moved in with my uncle, her youngest son.

Tell me if this is dumb. I knew my grandma's gonna move but I wore a skirt cos' I tot it will give me an excuse not to do the job. YAH RITE!
Luckily I got my 2 other cousins for company. All I can say is that we're glad my grandma didn't move the tv first. We did what work we can before settling on the living room floor to catch 'MULAN'.

My grandma insist on bringing her precious WROUGHT-IRON, 4-POST, KING-SIZED bed to my uncle's house. Do you know how heavy that thing is? The bed had to be dismantled and I have never seen a bed that came in so many different parts.

After the move, I realised that the whole bunch of us were hungry. I openly asked about supper before heading home. All my uncles jumped in on the idea and everyone excitedly dropped suggestions for good eating locations at that late hour. I dunno why I agreed but we eventually ate the famous Nasi Lemak at Boon Lay. I mean, it's MIDNITE and the other 2 families live at Jurong West- a mere 5mins drive away. Me? I have to drive 1/2hr or so back to Bedok. But a famous Nasi Lemak is still a famous Nasi Lemak. Curious & hungry, I'm all for the idea.

You should see the queue at that place. It's was never less than 7 persons in that line. Any time the numbers receed, more will join at the end. The Nasi Lemak wasn't a disappointment. The sambal was good and the rice was done nicely. The fried chicken could do with more seasoning though. Our group of ELEVEN actually finished up their remaining sambal sotong and sambal petai. My mum even got an extra plate of sambal for my cousin, Effy & me. Haha!

The guy at the stall asked my mum where she came from. So she told him, "Bedok". The guy was surprised that we came all the way to eat their Nasi Lemak. Little did he know that the other 2 familes actually live nearby. It's just my family who came that far. He actually thanked my mum to show his gratitude. Heh.

I ordered kopi kaw from the chinese drinks stall (their coffee stronger). Coffee+milk don't go well with all that chilli, I know but I need the caffeine to get me thru' the drive back. Eventually reached home at 01:30am.

As always, I can't sleep on a full stomach. Chatted with my bro. Surfed the Net and eventually watched 'Life or Something Like It' (starring Angelina Jolie) till' the end. Finally got sleepy.
Time check: 04:25am

**End of Sat**

Of course, at the end of this entry, I realised that I failed horribly at being brief in composing my entries. Sigh. I dunno how in the world I managed to excel summary writing during my 'O's...

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