Saturday, December 24, 2005

shisha D

shisha .: D

It was spontaneous. Christmas friday. Bored. . . Then Ms. D suggested meeting up after work. Haiii.... Ibarat 'mengantuk disorong bantal'. Apa lagi, terkam ah!

I know someone is dying for a shisha moment. So she suggested hanging out at Bugis before heading to Arab Str for shisha. Knowing I ain't had much time since I gotta send me mum at 10.30pm, I suggested eating and shisha at the same place (the one that we've been to previously). Besides, I wanna check out their food.

However, a certain someone overshot one (mrt) station and by the time the both of us met on that cold, rainy day- we're both pretty hungry. Passed by Raffles Banquet and both of us gave the same, knowing look. Forget bout' dinner at Arab Str...

When we eventually got to Arab Str, we began wondering where exactly is that place we're headed to, located. Sure, we've been there before but that was when we've got transportation that lead us directly there. Now that we're on foot, every place looked the same. Well that's until we pass by this place that looks nicely lit and seemingly exude a pretty relaxing ambiance. I swore I heard REAL arab music being played from upstairs.

We checked their menu and a guy came by. I asked about the cost of the shisha and if there's space upstairs. He lead us. Whoa, that place is HUGE! I mean, unlike the previous places that I've been to, this place is made up of 3 or 4 shophouses. They have an outdoor seating area but it was drizzling so we sat inside. Boy, I'm sure glad we did that cos' we were directly facing the musicians playing LIVE MUSIC. Tee hee hee... I LIKE! The singer's voice... Both D and I were staring at their performance with mouth agape.

Unlike the other tables, which were filled with lotsa' food, our's had only beverages & desserts. A check into their menu proved to us that their food is very reasonably-priced. And after knowing that the place is opened 24 hours, I gleefully had ideas running thru' my head- with me bidding my boring, insomniac nights goodbye....

tv .: bro

I knew he had his 'company nite' yesterday. The company pretty cheapo. Fancy a 'company nite' at the workplace itself. After work, even.

He told me they're putting up a skit with him being the 'eventual hero'. Guess what he'll be...? C'mon, guess.... Clue?? Hmmm..... A hero from a decade back. A gang of 4 and 1 guru. Live in sewer and loooves pizza. And since he used a red plastic bag as his 'eye mask', I guess he's Raphael. Yeap, yeap... HE became a NINJA TURTLE, of all things. But I know why that decision came about. Why can't somebody who was annointed the company 'Santa' become a Ninja Turtle, rite?

ANYWAY.... I sms him to say that after all that shisha, I will be sleeping late so if he wanna have me fetch him, he'd better buzz me early. True enough, he called like 1/2hr later. Thing is, I can't find my phone amidst all the junk in my bag and ended up missing his call. And he call me on the HOME fone, thus waking up my dad.

him: Ti, fetch me can? I won a tv on the lucky draw, lah.
me: tv? cool! how big?
him: 21 inch
me: great..! I'll come....
him: eh.. wait. not 21 inch. sorry. it's 29 inch.
me: what???!! 29 inch? how will it fit in the car? wait, how are we going to CARRY it up..???

I was still in shock when my groggy dad asked me what's up. I told him bout' the tv. I tell you, that woke him up almost immediately. I was sure that I can see ideas running thru' his head.
He was like, "Ok, you can't bring it in with the box. Put it in the trunk. Bring down the back seat if necessary..." Before long, he came back into my room (again) and said, "If not, just put it in the back seat. Will fit, surely." Erm, dad, you're supposed to be ASLEEP.

I took my own time getting there. I LOVE driving in the wee hours of morning. The roads are just sooo empty. Bro called me to drive into the Downtown East Satay Club, where he was chilling with his collegues. The tv did fit into the trunk. I ended up chilling there with him.

He told me of the skit that they did. How he actually hid in the DUSTBIN because there's no way he going to come out from the MANHOLE. He thought of jumping out from someplace else but it had long been demolished. No one knew where he was and when he called his fren from inside the bin, that fella was shocked that no one's around him and yet someone was calling his name. Haha!

He then told me of how he joked about the tv being his and how he told my mum that he might just bring home a tv. Thing is, he had meant the 21" LCD tv. Guess he wasn't too specific with his wish...

I lived on the 10th flr. The lifts stop at the 9th. Meaning that we have to carry the 29 inch monster UP THE STAIRS.

Guess what we used to wheel that gigantaur around...? His trusty SKATEBOARD (that he just bought). Imagine this, 2 goons wheeling a huge tv on a skateboard at 2 freaking am. I wasn't surprised that my dad stayed awake just to welcome that tv home.

Welcome to the family dude. In case you're wondering, that's the 4th tv at home. Guess I now have a tv in every room (kitchen included). My bro & I had made a pact for a new buy - PlayStation, babeh! Or the X-Box???? Heheh..

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