Friday, December 23, 2005

something from the weekend

something from the weekend

Sat~17th Dec '05

My mum's company D & D @ Plaza Parkroyal Hotel. A pretty cheesy affair-where the theme was 'CASINO FUNTASY' (which they shamelessly admit that it's to celebrate the development of the IRs), where most of the activities held that night evolve around... yeap, u guessed right- GAMBLING. Every little thing has stakes. Small ones though. Like those $2/= or $5/= types. They even give free S'pore Sweep tickets, which they put in hongbaos and paste under the tables. However, gambling is still gambling, no matter how fun they make it to be.

There's even a game of betting on 'horse-racing', ok?

When asking for participants, they mentioned, "Ladies with short skirts preferred." My first thought was that it's so that it'll be easier got them to 'ride' the bloody horse. Turns out, there're no horses to be ridden. Well, not BIG enuff' anyway. What the ladies (with the short skirts) have to do are to bend forward and pull these wooden horses that come attached to this long line of string. So the winner is the one who roll the string the fastest, therefore bringing the horse closer to the 'finishing line' earlier.

Look at the picture above. Looking at the way that the ladies had to bend over, it's no wonder that "shorts skirts are PREFERRED".

Oh did I also tell you that there are 2 rounds of Bingo and that the 1st round has a winning prize of over $800? The 2nd Bingo has a prize of over $1800, ok?? Since the stakes are high, they made the game even more difficult. ALL the numbers on the card had to be marked. What I know, by the time we left at around midnight, we have yet to hear someone shout, "BINGO!".
Well, we did have one- minutes before, but he turned out to be drunk (free-flow of beer) and got all the numbers screwed-up. Everyone was so into marking their numbers (sure felt like in an examination hall) that no one saw us leaving. *phew!*

Sun ~18th Dec
My bro attended a BBQ organised by the Aussie guys who had been performing the 'Splash Gala' at both Wild Wild Wet and Escape Theme Park, Downtown East. They'll do the stunt diving all the way till Feb, I think, so you can still catch their show over the holidays.

I bugged my bro to bring the camera. Even charged the batteries for him. OF COURSE there's a reason why I did all that for him. So he'll DO SOMETHING for me... Heh

Woke up very groggy that Monday morning. Stumbled upon the camera beside his sleeping form. Browsed thru the images....

Ahhhhhh...... *sigh* Looking at 'him' (I won't tell you who, lest I should be labled 'shallow') gave me a temporary respite from the blues that's already creeping up on me that morning. Felt like a freaking hangover ( as if I know how a hangover felt like..) Ugh!

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