Friday, April 18, 2008

kai's bdae

kai's bdae

So we had the Choc. Brownie Cheesecake during Khamz bdae.

For Kai's bdae yesterday, we had THIS.

Crepe with banana and choc fudge, topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Oh and these mousse(es?), too.


It's all about the desserts, I tell ya!

Despite all that, Kai, Khamz & I still yearn for the cheap but definitely power-kedemak fondue at Golden Mile Food Centre.

Oh wait, is that screaming that I hear...?

Must be the dietitian. Or maybe my gym trainer.

Or maybe it's just my mum (can u please cut down on the chocolates already??!).

It's just crazy when we meet up. Them and their sweet-tooth. I remember us going all the way to Central just to get cupcakes. And we bought one of each variety to have a taste. Geez!

Oh, then there's the new addition.

In the form of the ever-so-affable Agil.

Him with the hilarious personality.

Love to watch him and Khamz having a standoff. Ouwh..!

Makes for good entertainment.

Hope you enjoyed our company, Birthday Boy!

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