Thursday, April 03, 2008

arsenal vs l'pool

that's a bitch of a draw

Dun mind me. I just need to get this outta' my system.

So Arsenal lag behind since Pool had got an away goal advantage. Geez!

I like Pool. Really! But they're against my Gunner boys so I'm not sparing them the rod.

Their first goal was due to some fast, aggressive attacking by Gerrard. I like!

Gunners had the ball in their court most of the 2nd 1/2. Intense!

Walcott's good. Too bad he's short. At least he's fast.

The referee needs to get his eye checked. Badly.
If being pulled back by the shoulders IN FRONT of the goal doesn't deserve a penalty, then I dunno what will.

Bendtner is an idiot.
He killed that goal, man. That was a good attempt by Adebayor and he killed it just by being there. And this ain't no ghetto speak. He LITERALLY killed that goal.

To football fans, that was an entertaining match. But to us Arsenal & L'pool fans, it's a really frustrating one at that.

Oh, so Fenerbache won 2-1 over Chelsea. Oh well, it's them who scored ALL the goals, to start with.

Ok, dah. I feel better now.

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