Monday, April 07, 2008



my mood's been pretty turbulent lately. damn these hormones! i've gotta pay my doc a visit already. it's been wayyy too long!

by being moody, i mean... well, getting around to doing things. spontaneously.

oh, dun make me list out the things i've done when i'm like this (and no, it never involve anything kinky).

i'm just a few thousand dollars short of backpacking in europe. on a whim, mind you.

or simply a few hundred dollars short of flying to sabah and hike the majestic mount kinabalu. after which, i'll head for sipadan for some diving. the water's great, i see.

or simply fly up north and backpack around the Golden Triangle. i'll start with vietnam, followed by cambodia, then nothern thailand and end at laos. despite their famous reputation (as to how they attain that nick), i'd say that i go there simply to take in the sights and their culture.

nothing to do with any (specific) plants that can make you high.


... simply lie in bed and daydream away.

with the impending nuptials next year, do i even dare to plan for any trips (budget, babe. budget!)?

ok, well. do excuse that little weekend getaway to desaru with rufeah this week, though (i'm sooo looking forward to it!).

that reminds me that i have some packing to do. i hate packing... -_-

talk about nuptials, it suddenly dawn upon me that the wedding is mine. MINE. and i get about planning it like it's someone else instead.

the procrastinator in me is starting to rear its ugly head. i just don't feel like other to-be brides, who plan for the best within their budget.

me? i don't plan at all! it's less than a year to the big day, isn't it? :P

oh, and good news!

...or not.

i finally figured out the mystery behind my recurring back pains!

it's pretty dumb when i think that the answer is just a google click away. i mean, i'm the 'googler' among my peers and yet i didn't think of that. geez!

accompanied my dad for his appointment with this orthopaedic therapist and i contemplated giving it a shot. somehow, the lady who had made an appointment in the time slot after my dad didn't appear so he treated me instead.

feeling my back and where i complained to be the source of the pain (in the presence of my parents, mind you!), he figured out why. he described the instances when the pain will appear and i kept nodding and nodding.

man, he figured it out!

even though he didn't specifically give the name to the problem, i managed to google it up and find it.


sounds all triumphant, aye? i mean, L-O-R-D-osis. so mighty, like that.

yeah, because the pain that comes with it. sure hurts like a bitch!

and you know what? i was encouraged to slouch instead. cos' sitting up straight will only bring on the pain. and it dawn upon me that it is soooo true.

i couldn't agree more! how often do you have someone encouraging you to slouch?

haha. slacker!

oh you should see the look on his face when my parents told him my real age (i refused to answer that question). he told us that he thought me to be merely 18!!!

hwahaha! and i was all dressed up with make-up and high heels (just came back from a wedding reception)!

but he did mention something that made me pretty crestfallen.

i can't do major stretching workouts. no yoga. no pilates.

uwaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*

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