Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another randomness


Saw that the padestrian light will go green in my favour so I ran towards it.

"...any second now," I thought

I reached the junction and saw that the red man remained lit.

"...Phew," I didn't miss it after all.

...Or so i thought.

Seconds later, the green man still remain unlit. And the traffic running parallel to us have already moved.


No one pressed the padestrian crossing button!

Six people at the junction and NOT A SINGLE ONE bothered to press the freaking button!

I was the latest to arrive and I'm only the one who noticed this??!

All these goondus have this quizzical look on their face like a miracle had happened that the green man didn't come on when the vehicular traffic already moved.

Had I known this, I wouldn't have ran like mad, with my gym bag and all.

Speaking of gym, just why the heck did I bring back my clothes when I have no intention to work out? Lugging my clothes and shoes to and fro. And I'm even skipping gym tomorrow!


I did go to the gym but to make payment, that's all.

Coincidentally, my bro also 'pai tao' from his RT so I made plans for dinner. Just the both of us.

Missed the old days, man! Somehow, things been different since I got attached.

*sigh...* With me committed to either gym, OTs or even my other half, somehow, I've neglected some quality time with my dear bro....

And I'm not even married and moved out yet....


I suddenly recalled when we talked just now, on the way back home, about me moving out when I get married.

"...then I'll be alone at home..."


Excuse me. I think I'm gonna cry.


tini matin said...

relax beb..things gotta change definitely as we grow from time to time BUT not the heart..u'll surely moved OUT wen u got married BUT ur love towards ur family should move ON..just a tiny bit of advice..being married is simply leaving ur single status, not saying goodbye to ur family! heheh..its wonderful to be living under one roof with my hubby BUT its such a misery not to have that one-roof-that-i-used-to-have with my family..how i missed those moment of time..haizzz..but i'm happy,needless to say..cheerios!!

CT said...

Thanks babe, for the advice!

Yah, skarang nie tengah 'apprehensive ' stage. Banyak sangat pikiran. Think about wedding, about budget, about future savings, change in honeymoon plans, me having to move out (I hate packing!!!), away from my family, how my parents gonna cope w/o me driving them ard etc....

Aiyoh... Stress sendiri pulak! :P