Monday, April 14, 2008

back from desaru

back from Desaru

My face looks dark here due to bad lighting.

NOT due to too much time under the sun.

But it does make me seem like I'm standing in front of a movie screen.

Oh well...

Desaru was hell-a-lotta' fun!

Leisure cycling down the roads of Pengerang, some shopping at Kota Tinggi, the boat ride down the river in total darkness- to see fireflies, trying a hand at archery and the go-karting...

Yes, all that over the weekend.

Crazy? You bet. And we didn't even venture out for the karaoke-ing after the firefly tour...

Many, many thanks to Rufeah, who invite me to join her for her company trip. Great bunch of people, there!

Ok, I'm still bushed. And my bum's still sore from the cycling.

More of the trip later, when I upload the photos.

Till then!

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