Monday, November 28, 2005

Stories with peeks II

Stories with peeks II

Here is my cousin's cat, Shakir. Personally, I'll call him 'Marmalade'.

Background check:
My cousin brought Shakir back when it was just a teeny-tot of a kitten. It grew up adoring my cousin and I guess my cousin always cuddled before dozing off.

Well, that is until my cousin got married. And moved out. WITHOUT him.

Shakir missed my cousin and with my cousin's every return to his parents' abode, where Shakir remained - this feline will cozy up to something that carries a strong scent of his owner.

....That will continue to linger in his senses even after my cousin had gone home. . .

...Guess at which corner of the house did I find this fella cozying up at?

There he was, nestled comfortably at where my cousin put his SNEAKERS. He rested his head on my cousin's sneakers for goodness sake!

*inhaled deeply* "Ahhhh... the scent of his feet.... My JOY. "

So that's us at my uncle's place (where Shakir is).
They served an array of sumptous dishes, one of which is bone steak. Yeap, nice huh?
Well.... try eating that; suckling out the bone marrow and nibbling bits of meat with the amber-coloured gravy - while watching THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
Yeah and the idea of the 'dead-skin-mask'? Totally unnerving. Appetite diffusing. DEFINITELY.

After the hearty meal at my uncle's open-house, we trooped down to my other uncle's place. His wifey is a believer of 'being-a-good hostess'. Despite just knocking off from work and rushing down to her bro-in-law's open house, she actually found time to prepare Soto for us. I really appreciate the nice gesture but my tum-tum was already asking to wave the white flag...

Trooped down to my other uncle's place, next. Wahh... after all that food, my eyes were getting really droopy, liao. Seriously.
They were watching soccer. Not really my favourite teams playing, so my eyes got sooo heavy.... My mind got somewhat fuzzy, then . . . . Z z z z z z . . . .

. . . . G-O-A-L!!!!!!!!

I was jolted awake... Huh? Huh...? What? Oh, Chelsea scrored. Cheh..! My dad made me drink a a cup of black coffee. I downed another. Sheesh. I NEED ALL THAT CAFFEINE!
Gotta send my grandparents back first. Oh God, please. Wake me up. My car's gonna be filled with passengers. PLEASE...!

I did feel refreshed as the somewhat cool night air hit my skin. Phew! Yeah, we made it back safe and sound.

My cousin came with her brood. She got 7 kids, total. She brought her step-daughter's family along. Her step-daughter is younger than me and already had 3 kids. Hmmm...

Hey, my cousin's step-daughter has kids. Won't that make the kids, my cousin's grand children? My cousin's already a grandma. Then me??? Erk?! Grandma??? Noooo....

Check this out. This is my cousin's littlest tot. The youngest. Yes. No. 7.
But that's not the deal, here. Look at the bottom left-hand corner of the pic. See that ghostly hand..?
That belongs to my mum, actually. And NO, my mum is NOT a ghost.
Just some motion-blur, lah. Cool effect, huh? I LIKE.


minerva said...

A ha, cute pictures :)
And don't worry, U'll always remain my youthful, bubbly chum, Bayya.. ;)

Wishes to all at home too,
Take care & Bestest wishes always,

CT said...

Heya, Thank You! ;)

And you shall be my sweet, sweet fren. Both of you. Best regards to your family, too! Happy holidays (if it's indeed your holiday period, that is).