Friday, November 25, 2005

Insomniac Ramblings

Ramblings of an Insomniac

Just dropped by bro off at M.S and come back and find myself unable to sleep. GREAT. As if tomorrow is not a working day.... Well, at least it's Friday.

....Wait a minute. It is??! WOW!

Anyway, he had the cheek to ask me to join him. Haha. I know he does that just so there'll be someone to drive him (and maybe his frens) back. I know he's not the partying sort, hence his hesitation. If not for his collegues, he wouldn't even be there now, considering he's on the morning shift. Guess my mum & I gotta try harder at waking him up for work later.

Driving past M.S and looking at the nocturnal party animals living their life, I think back of my own version of nocturnal life, which seemed to have been more active since last year. But hey, night-life to me had been midnight movies, supper-either locally or at J.B, midnite shopping at Mustafa, joyrides to Changi or simply hit the beaches and the occasional pool sessions.

Clubbing? Naaaah... I'd rather sit down and chill to live music on stage (preferably some rock numbers) like in Aquadisiac. Last time I went to Planet Hollywood~KL, I just played pool. Luckily it was ladies nite, so entry was free. Besides, it was some R&B/Hip-Hop nite. Sooo NOT my thing.
Loving my car now. My bro had sent it for its 20,000km service at C&C. An overhaul, more like it. They replaced most of the parts and balanced everything back. It felt darn new. Very smooth. Like the feel of your hair after you just stepped out of the salon. It's like a deja-vu of those days after I just brought it back from the Leng Kee showroom. Well, except that this time, it's a more experienced driver behind the wheel.. *ahem*

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