Friday, November 25, 2005

Stories with peeks I

Stories with peeks I

Ok.... both my physical and mental self are still showing NO signs of being sleepy... Geez.
Let me find something to blabber about... Maybe Hopefully that'll get me sleepy...


I still have tons of pics-scraps from the left over days of Raya... The raya mood is already dwindling, esp. now that the time for weddings have started...

Since I had so much time, I figured I should do more that just upload the pics -

This is Billa, taken when we visited her house. She was in her cranky mood I guess, so her mum was unable to put her down and had to carry her everywhere.
We used to wonder why this girl had difficulty putting on weight and was pretty small for her size. Now we guess it was a kinda' blessing in disguise....

This is Billa again. This time, taken at my house. She was bubbly, responsive and active, so much so that all glasses had to be placed in one side, just so that she couldn't reach them. She won't hesitate to smack her (elder) brother should he refuse to give her what she wants. Was that the same girl whom the mother had to carry around the other day? I wonder.

Yes, that's her and her brother. (Check out her doe-eyes!)

This cute little tyke is 'Yah' (that's what she call herself). I dunno what her name is. I did ask her but I can't make out her babbling. She is really cute, lah. I rarely see her around and yet, at my house, she talked and played with me like I'm her long-lost sister.

Yeah, her friendliness may come off as adorable to those around her. But I bet her parents are fearful that she becomes an easy prey to strangers with ill-intentions...

... I later discovered that her actual name is Insyirah.

This is Nurul, Tini's niece. She was supposed to come with Tini to my house for visiting (after my parents & I went to their's).

Somehow or rather, something cropped up and Tini told me she lost her patience and left without this little girl...

So Tini came alone. Aww... When she came, 'Yah' was still around. I realised that 'Yah' and Nurul are both around the same age. It'll be nice to see if the both of them could get along.

Anyway, it was while wanting to send Tini back that I tumbled down that stairs andTini had to venture home - alone.

Geez, some things are just sooo..... unexpected.

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