Monday, November 07, 2005

Post-Raya Monday Blues

Post-Raya Monday Blues

Too much sugar in my system. All those (sweet) carbonated/syrup drinks, cookies, CHOCOLATES....

Too much food. NOT just any food. Heavily spiced ones, mostly cooked with the ever cholesterol-laden coconut milk.

And too much meat. Esp. those that come in the form of CRISPY fried chicken (yum!). Oh, too little veggies. Except for those you see swimming in the kuah lodeh or the occasional cucumbers (wait, THAT is a fruit) that come with satay.

To many relatives seen over the weekend. Especially those seen only once-in-a-blue-moon (I admit), like during Hari Raya or weddings. Thus the shock at seeing how fast distant cousins have grown, esp. the guys. And how the elders seemed to have REALLY aged.

And definitely too much driving. One end of S'pore to the other. From this car park to that (darn those multi-storeyed ones and their season parking lots, which took 3 of the 4 storeys-making us drive all the way up to the top level!) Missing out on one house and driving all the way back to that neighbourhood we just left from. Then, losing our way. The best part is, we go there EVERY YEAR and we got lost EVERY YEAR. Tsk. Some people just never learn their lesson. And I was in the lead and my uncles (in 2 other cars) ACTUALLY followed me. Geez!

I guess the most bluesy moment comes to me right after I checked my Internet Banking account. I wonder where all the moolah goes to..... And the month JUST started. :(

Bless my bosses for still being in Bangkok today. Or else, I wouldn't know how I'll be able to cope with Today a.k.a Monday

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