Thursday, November 17, 2005



Was raining when I left the office. So the umbrella came in handy.

Got off the bus.

The people around me were walking around umbrella-less. So I forged ahead. Pitter-patter.
Still drizzling. I opened my umbrella and crossed the road. Walked on the open path to my block....

....Walked along to the lift lobby. There's a lift on the ground floor. Pressed the button. I entered. Or so I TRIED. I somehow can't enter the lift! Looked up...

What the??! My umbrella was still ABOVE MY HEAD!

Upon reaching my block, instead of closing the umbrella, I actually walked like I WAS STILL in the rain, the umbrella remained grandly opened. All the way to the lift lobby. Almost 50metres, ok?

First thing I did (after putting the umbrella away), was to look around. NO ONE. Phew!!
Can you imagine the embarassment should one of my neighbours had been behind me and saw this girl walking under the block with her umbrella???

In the solitude of the confined space within the lift, I screamed. LOUD. But I'm wise. I dun scream all the way to my floor. You'll never know who'll be getting in when you step off.

Uuugh. Geez!

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