Friday, November 11, 2005



His whole entry comes to me as a bunch of B.S. lumped together. His angst expressed as the atheist that he is. But you can read it HERE if you want.

However I found some excerpts that I consider interesting (not meaning I agree with him wholly, though).

"...In just the past few years there has been a giant tsunami that took out well over a quarter of a million people. Terrorist attacks have occurred all over the globe. There's been a sharp rise in the number of suicide bomber jobs. Rampant genocide continues in many parts of Africa. A record number of massive hurricanes have battered the United States. An imbecile is the Commander in Chief of the free world. The United States has started a pointless and endless war with another country and the world at large hates us for it. And most recently Earthquakes have claimed thousands of lives.

As for me personally... I've seen both of my promising career paths sputter into stagnant pools of dried drool and my once very happy marriage recently crumbled to dust faster than you can say selfish cunt...."

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