Thursday, January 31, 2013

KL Eats - A&W

Our final day in KL, that Monday we packed our stuff early, had breakfast and set off for more shopping. My aunt who was sick since the day we're here was finally well enough to join us. Luck was even on her side for she ended up being the first paying customer (yes, we're THAT early) at a hijab shop and got a discount!

We made a final visit to the basement at SOGO shopping centre to get our hands on the confectioneries at Four Leaves bakery. I went crazy there and bought almost RM30 worth of breads and pastries.

We then check-out frm the hotel at noon before we crossed the street to have lunch at the fast-food outlet that we've hankered for so long! Yeah, since they totally disappear from SG after the Jumabhoy family feud.  We made it our personal mission to dine here before we set off. Even my foodie aunt felt the same way.

My last A&W meal must have been at least 4-5years ago. Despite being in KL last year, we were in such a rush that we missed out on an opportunity.

Kiddo & me in A&W

I got all nostalgic when I saw that all-familiar brown bear with its orange top (their mascot). I remembered having a water bottle in its shape as a kid and that bottle had been so precious to me, then. I think it was bought at the A&W in the zoo.

And those pictures of the famed root beer float and coney dog (as seen above) made me go all, "Awww…"

Coney dog

Despite how tentalising their Mozza Burger range had looked, I had my eyes on only their Coney Hotdog. I'm the faithful sort and this is definitely what I've missed having. Even when I hoped to have something more filling, in anticipation of the long bus ride back to SG.

My dad felt the same way, somehow. He requested for this too.

I was surprised to see the hot dog nestling inside. It was longer than what I used to remember, eons back (maybe it's quite filling, after all).  And after the first bite, I noticed that it had quite a 'snap' to it. Definitely something I loved about hotdogs/sausages.

And that spiced beef sauce… Still taste the same. Sigh… :)))

Root beer float

My cousin excitedly poked the given spoon into my cold mug before I could stop her. We watched in horror as the fizz built up from inside and caused the creamy froth to overflow down the sides.

She was all sheepish when I grumbled, "I was supposed to drink up some of the root beer before the spoon goes in…" -___-

I know that it's just a drink but that's how precious it is. We can buy our own bottle of A&W's root beer and premium vanilla ice-cream but that chilled, large glass mug makes all the difference!

Curly fries

Sorry McD, your Twister Fries never quite cut it. A&W's curly fries are still the one for me.

We left this fast-food restaurant all contented and happy. Mission Accomplished!

Something tells me that the next time I step into another A&W outlet, I'll end up ordering the same thing, somehow. All for nostalgia's sake…

Update: I suddenly recall that I DID have A&W when I was holidaying in Bali 2 years back. But the food there just don't seem the same, somehow…

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