Friday, January 11, 2013

Seoul Garden - Meat feast

That weekend, my hubby joined my weekly meet-up with my family (parents & brother). I've informed him of my mum's birthday in the coming week and it seemed that he's up for a treat.

So we left it to him to suggest a place. He mentioned, "Seoul Garden." Hmm… No surprises there. This husband of mine really, really LOVE dining there. Must be due to  the all-you-can-eat meat feast!

After going through their various outlets, we decide on the one at Compass Point, Sengkang. Their website indicate the number of seating available and this branch seems fairly large.

Seoul Garden Buffet

Kiddo manning the tongs

The set-up

The buffet counter

Although it's a tad pricey here, the varieties made it all worth it. The cooked food section; with white rice, fried rice & seafood pasta. The fried nibblets like nuggets, drumlets, fishballs, spring rolls, fried crabs etc. The many varieties of sushi.

Then there's the raw stuff. Items like varieties of noodles, vegetables, eggs, fish balls etc. Seafood items like mussels, prawns, varieties of squids, fish, crabs and even baby octopus!

And then there's the various marinated meats; be in chicken, beef or mutton (lamb). Szechuan (chinese marinade), bulgogi (korean marinade), tom yam, black pepper etc.

And the various condiments. Chopped garlic, onions and spring onions, which I used in my grilling. The 'gochujang' chilli sauce, the many varieties of 'kimchi'… etc.

For deserts and beverages- there's a Nescafe coffee machine that dispense coffee and even 'teh tarik', various drinks dispensers (both carbonated and not). Varieties of cut fruits, cakes and an assortment of stuff  for you to make your own chendol/ice kacang/ice jelly etc. And the various ice-cream flavours from the freezer.

There are even many varieties of soup. We top-up a certain amount to have one of the 'premium' flavour: Kimchi seafood soup. Something new for my family. Everyone loved it. A definite change from the common tom yam or even chicken soup.

Even my kiddo had his fill of fried rice, pasta and fried nibblets. I really love dining there but the aftermath kinda' leave you with much guilt. Especially myself. I ate soooo much meat, especially the lamb (I love lamb chops!). I totally enjoyed all the 'bulgogi' marinated meats. And found a new surprise, the baby octopus taste really good when grilled!

I was really looking forward to the Korean fried chicken like the one at E!Hub but they only had the regular ones that came without the sauce. They do have these small fried crabs though, that were coated in a similar sauce. Just too bad it's too much of a hassle to eat!

I round it all up with 2 cuppas from the Nescafe machine. Had a cappuccino and a latte. It struck me, just how nice the coffee taste. That's why I went overboard. Even managed to have some ice-cream afterwards.

Was it a surprise that I woke up with a bad throat the next morning? That marks the spell of bad cough that last almost 2 weeks… huhu.

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