Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mad Jack at Parkway Parade

New branch

Our colleague, the 'driver' drove us over to Parkway Parade for lunch, since he had errands to run there. We went over to KFC while he planned to go to Carl's Jr.

We were surprised to see Carl's Jr. gone and in its place, Mad Jack. Whoopee!! Another halal option in Parkway Parade!

Obviously, we chose to dine there instead. In fact, my colleague already made his order.


I'm a 'saucy' person (yes, pun very much intended) so I really like the idea of Mad Jack providing their customers with (free) sauce options.

Now, they even provide Kimball's Thai chilli sauce! That goes well with chicken, I tell you. Especially fried ones…

Mushroom soup

Chose to have the value-for-money 'Crazy set lunch', where the mains will come with the soup-of-the-day and Pepsi (I added a few cent to have ice lemon tea instead)..

Most likely, they used Campbells but I like the additional, large mushroom chunks inside.

Mushroom soup

Chose their famous Fish & chips as my main ($12.90). I like that they mix 2 different types of fries (spicy & plain) for the sides.

I've mentioned many times before, how much I prefer the battered fish & chips over the bread-crumbed ones.  Must be due to my bro's influence. Mad Jack served theirs the way I like it. Plus it ain't too greasy.

Grilled chicken in Black Pepper sauce

Colleague's order. This is otherwise known as 'Chicken chop' in western food stalls.

Spaghetti with sambal seafood

Another colleague's order. She was interested in their baked rice but held back when told of the 20mins waiting time (limited lunch hour). So this appeared to be her next best option.

Mad & rich cake ($4.50)

Had always been served with the Choc. & nut cake with ice-cream whenever I had their set which includes the dessert of the day. Thought that to be chocolatey enough.

Then I noticed this cake. A chocolate cake with a name like that? I have been most curious! Since we were ordering dessert ala-carte and there were 4 of us, I guess it's a good time as any to try this one out.

True to it's name. It's really rich and super chocolatey, yet it wasn't too dense. Add another $2 for ice-cream and more chocolate sauce. But having it on its own was enough, thankyouverymuch.

Pavlova ($4.50)

And finally, the star of the day. I have always wanted to try a pavlova. I've tried meringue on its own. I've tried meringue as Eaton Mess (awesome, btw). But the oft-talked-about Pavlova?

Mad Jack being an eatery serving Aussie food and Pavlova supposedly originating from there, I guess it's apt that they should offer this on their menu.

The crispy, sweet meringue paired well with the rather bland whipped cream. Plus the sweet and tangy fruits on top? This is a great dessert, alright. And that choc. sauce? I think it just work as a decorative feature.

Desserts display

I love the fact that they offer so many varieties of desserts, such that I can just come by here for just that.

The Wild Boy Banana crumble and the Wild Berry cheesecake and the bottom row looks pretty good, eh?

Desserts display (another occassion)

See that fluffy-looking pink cubes? That is the Raspberry Lamington, another dessert of Australian origin. As described in their menu:

"Light sponge coated with raspberry jelly and finished off with dessicated coconut…"

Doesn't that sound good...?

What I had on another occasion…

'Brain Stimulator' juice

Was feeling  a little 'bleary' that day so I seek something that can help perk me up. An no caffeine, please.

Saw this and got really intrigued. Orange+Pear+Lemon+Apple. Sounds good, right? And I managed to keep awake all the way till I knock off from work!

Unagi Salmon Linguine in Cream-sauce

I keep going back and forth on the menu, then went through the Pasta section many times over. I want pasta but I also want salmon. Yet nothing on the menu has both put together so I eventually decide on the unagi, a next favourite.

Imagine my luck when they told me that they don't have the unagi currently so they offer to replace it with salmon instead. No problem with me! :)))

The pasta came in a rather sizable portion. The cream sauce was a tad thick but taste-wise, it was alright, I guess. Nothing to shout about.

One of my colleague had the spaghetti with chicken bolognaise sauce and the minced chicken meat came off as a lil' bit 'gamey'. Another colleague had the grilled lamb chops and I asked for medium doneness; yet it was well done, hence a tad dry. And also 'gamey'.

Some issues need to be looked into. Otherwise, I like coming here.

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