Monday, January 28, 2013

KL Eats - Zam Zam Restaurant

Nope, I don't think this is affiliated with the Zam Zam institutuion located at Noth Bridge Road, opposite Sultan Mosque in SG.

Zam Zam Restaurant appeared to be the 'in-house' restaurant for Frenz Hotel. We had our simple breakfast spread here in the mornings and we can't help noticing tentalising looking pictures of the foods they served.

We planned to dine here on Sunday evening, after the wedding and some shopping. Gotta' have some!

Early that Sunday, we've started anticipating. Even at the wedding we were like, "…Bone steak! Tonight!" As I've mentioned in the previous post, thankfully the fare at the wedding didn't really affect our cravings for Indian food, that evening.

Upper level

We chose to sit at the upper level, away from the noisy street. This level actually adjoins the mezzanine floor of the hotel, where the 'Surau' (praying area) is located. The restroom here is apparently suitable for taking ablutions, too.

The decor is modern and clean. Maybe because the hotel itself is quite new. There are wash basins with soap located on this floor. This is an important feature, considering that we'll be feasting on Bone Steak later. It's essential to have our hands clean!

Hot honey-lemon drink

I was having quite a bad throat and the idea that I'll be having curries and mutton doesn't help much. So I opt for this to at least alleviate the soreness of it all.

Chicken Biryani

My uncles' order, which they end up sharing with my son. Kiddo's eyes widened when he had a taste of this and went, "Nak! Nak rice!" (I want! I want rice!). Of course he had his way. Everyone dotes on that lone little kid in a group, don't they?

All of us had a taste too. It was really, really nice! Given the consistent colour, I can see that they used only saffron and not colouring. The rice was soft and fluffy. And the chicken was tender and flavourful.

No wonder this was highly recommended in online food reviews.

Mutton Murtabak (large)

Since it's called 'Zam Zam', we can't help being tempted to try out their murtabak to compare with the one served by that popular food institution in SG.

My parents opt to share a large one and I joined in.

The dough was nicely soft and slightly chewy (indicating that it was kneaded well). And fluffy too! I lunged for all that crispy sides. The generous amount of mutton wasn't gamey and the onions were sweet. Very yummy!

Mee Kuah

Since my cousin told me that their Mee Kuah is served with a piece of bone inside (by default), I was pretty enthused about dining here already.

However, when I was there, I backed out from ordering this for myself. I realised that the murtabak and the bone steak would have filled me up nicely. Having the Mee Kuah would have been too overwhelming. The gravy for both would have been similar after all.

My cousin's bowl had looked pretty dismal because she chose beehoon instead of the yellow egg noodles (I'd prefer kway teow) and she requested for 'no veggies'. Hmph!

Bone Steak!

The one that we've been looking forward to. The gravy was good, the bones meaty, the sinewy tendons chewy but tender and the marrow, abundant. However, the meat wasn't really stewed in the gravy so the meat somehow lacked flavour.

The ones we have here had the meats simmering inside the flavourful broth most of the time, therefore they really absorb the hearty flavours of the soup that they sit in. Here, it seemed that the meat and bones were set aside and only added in when they prepare the gravy.

But that didn't stop us from enjoying these, nevertheless. The slices of French loaf that they served on the side (in the background, above) was tasty somehow. Used those to mop up the reddish gravy.


All in all, it was a truly enjoyable meal. What makes it all better was that my aunt picked up the tab for this dinner. :)))

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