Sunday, January 27, 2013

KL Eats - Wedding

So that Sunday in KL, the main plan was to attend my distant cousin's wedding at Kampung Batu Muda, located at the outskirts of the city, close to Batu Caves..

You can view more pictures of the wedding at my 'Mummy Blog'.

One thing I really enjoy about this wedding was the food. Weddings in KL are typically similar to what we have in SG, food-wise. Nasi Minyak or Biryani, Ayam Masak Merah, Dalcha, Acar etc. But my aunt was reminiscing the kind of food usually served in weddings at the 'kampung' (village), where the fare is simple yet tasty.

So she request her daughter-in-law's family, who does catering; to prepare just that.

Ulam & sambal belacan

The thing I look forward to, the most! The groom's grandma specifically brought this nice salad greens that she plucked straight from her own backyard in her village at Ijok, Selangor.

Really enjoyed munching down on the 'Daun Salom' and 'Kecipir/Kacang Botol' (4-angle beans) with fried salted fish and sambal belacan (chili infused with shrimp paste).

Daun Salom has a taste and scent that's almost similar to the popular 'Ulam Raja' (also known as cantik-manis). Nice, subtle aroma of ripening mango but with much sturdier stalks (I usually discard them).

Our plates

Also on the menu is 'Ayam Masak Semur', a dish that is pretty prevalent in weddings hosted by families of Javanese descent. Chicken cooked with soy sauce, pepper (lots of it) and other spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom & star anise. Although it's such a simple dish, it's definitely one of my favourite wedding dishes ever.

Had the same dish at a wedding in Belakang Padang, Indonesia too.

There's also 'Opor Nangka'- pieces of unripe jackfruit stewed in spicy coconut gravy. Another ubiquitous dish was the 'Sambal Goreng'- a medley of offals like chicken gizzard, beef lungs and tripe stir-fired with spices and chillies, with 'petai' (stinky beans). And finally, another of my favourite, 'Sambal Kering Tempe, Ikan Bilis & Kacang' - deep-fried 'tempe', whitebait & groundnuts coated in dry/sticky chili paste.

Oh, there's also a free-flow of fish crackers.

Epok-epok 'pusar'

A wedding held by this family is never complete without these. I remember, during the wedding held at the 'kampung', women from the village will gather at the bridal house with their own rolling pins just to make the dough for these.

Thin and crispy 'spiral' pastry with luscious curried potatoes inside. What's not to like…?

All in all, I'm just so glad my aunt put her food down and have her choice of food varieties for her youngest son's wedding. Miss all these foods! Besides, being able to skip on those regular Indian fare here meant that we can have our fill at the Zam Zam Restaurant located at our hotel later on!

Next entry, coming right up!

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