Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mon An Vietnamese moving… again

UPDATE: They are now located at Blk 7 Eunos Crescent, at An Nur Makan Place.

Based on this post that appeared on their FB timeline, I guess we won't be getting our regular halal Vietnamese fix until they re-open… somewhere.

"We are currently closed til further notice. We are moving to a new place and definitely will update all as soon as possible with confirmed location. Stay tuned !"

Here are what I had with my colleagues some 2 weeks before their closure.

Cha Gio & Gui Cuon

The 'Cha Gio' (the fried spring roll) and the 'Gui Cuon' (summer roll) are what I must order, ON TOP of my mains.

Now I miss eating these already…

Pho Bo

My colleague's regular order. The Vietnamese beef soup noodles. Ever since the price went up, my colleague's been griping about there being too much noodles in the bowl.

This fella had been to Vietnam a lil' too many times and had gotten used to the small portions served there (obviously he ordered at least 2 portions!)…

Fried fish noodles

Another colleague's order. She wanted something light and soupy. Being a fan of those fried fish noodles sold at Banquet, she gave the one here a try. This cost $5.50.

The crispy, battered fried fish slices were served on a separate plate. A good move, seeing that some may prefer their fish to remain crispy, instead of getting all soggy inside the bowl with the soup.

Sambal Fish Set

White rice, a slab of crispy fried fish slathered with sambal (chilli paste) and a plate of stir-fried veggies for all of $5.50… What a steal!

Sambal Fish Set - another shot

The fish here is prepared similarly to the ones in the fried fish noodles, save that the fish came in a big slab instead of slices. The batter on the fish reminds me of that used for 'pisang goreng' (banana fritters). And that sambal… I can't get enough of that!

How do I move on to try their other dishes when I can't get enough of this??! That turmeric squid really pique my curiousity. As well as the Dry beef bee hoon.

Hope they will release details on their new location soon. Huhu.

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