Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fisher's Tavern Restaurant

NOTE: They are no longer at the Pasir Ris Town Park fishing pond. 

They have moved to:
11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-120,
North Spring Bizhub Canteen 2
Tel: 6710 7387

Currently there's another halal-certified seafood stall operating in that area. It's called Warong Kim's Seafood

That rainy Sunday afternoon, my family and I can't decide where to have our weekly Sunday dinner. Since we're gonna fetch my hubby from home anyway, so we decide somewhere in that area.
My bro reminded me of the Honey Chicken dish from the Thai food stall at Asli Village foodcourt in Downtown East; that I kept raving about.

Somehow, I suddenly remembered Fisher's Tavern seafood restaurant located at Pasir Ris town park, where the fish ponds are. I recall the dish that had many giving the thumbs up. I looked at my dad and said the magic words: "Salted Egg Yolk Crab".

His eyes lit up. I knew right then that we've confirmed the location for dinner, that evening. :)

Nut Crab Cracker

Nothing like a piece of heavy-duty cracker to get you anticipating the crab dish…

Beef horfun

My hubby decide to have this instead of rice with various dishes, like the rest of us. Makes me kinda peeved that we'll have one person less; to help us finish the food, though.

My kiddo must have been really hungry or that he's enticed by this dish that was the first to arrive at the table. He eventually shared this with his dad.

Kailan in oyster sauce

Obligatory veggie dish. Kinda' tired of the same ol' Kangkong Belachan so this is another favourite option. Choose to have the beef version since we didn't order any red meat.

Onion omelette

Unlike the previous time when I had ordered this for my kiddo, this time it's my bro who requested for this.
My kiddo didn't even touch it after he's had a fair share of his daddy's 'horfun'.

Honey chicken

Since my brother's initial intention was to have the Honey Chicken from the Thai food stall at Asli Village, we settled for a similar dish here.

Turns out this Chinese 'zhi char' version was really delish! I can't stop raving about how good this was. I think I can just come back here just to have this.

The large pieces of boneless chicken meat was crispy outside and the juicy inside. And the sauce.... sweet, yet savoury. I really love it!

Fried baby squid

Got this because it's my hubby's favourite. But he was kind of full after his 'horfun' so my bro and I took it upon ourselves to finish this.

The squid wasn't exactly very crispy as the meat was a bit chewy at parts. But the sauce was good.
This could have gone into our 'maybe-we-shouldn't-have-ordered-this' list.

Sweet & sour seabass

As I've said previously, this is a favourite with my family.

The fish was fresh and fried well but the sauce came off as too watery. I felt like I've had better.

Salted egg yolk crab

I saw this being served to the other tables. Seems like a very popular dish amongst the other customers. And when this was finally served to our table, everyone went wide-eyed with amazement. This could have been the first time that we have a crab dish presented nicely to us.

The pretty sizable crab was cut into four. My parents was worried that there wasn't enough to go around the 5 of us. But I knew better, didn't I? My hubby, he don't eat crabs. Blamed it on allergy. My parents were aghast that I still ordered crab despite knowing that. Frankly, they're uneasy about it but I dug in nonchalantly.

Pretty soon, they forgot that part about my hubby and started licking the sauce off their fingers… LOL.

My dad was the first to notice and tell my mum that the sauce tasted very much like the one she had made for us, previously. Save that she had used flower crabs instead. My bro and I was in unison about that.
We've always wondered how a proper salted egg yolk sauce taste like. The one served here is a hot favourite with many so it's a good version to help us set the bar (as a guide). After that dinner, all eventually conclude that next time, we'll just get my mum to cook this for us. :P

Fried 'mantou' buns

Oughta' kick myself for not ordering this from the start. My bro enquired about this only when the crab arrived at our table. The crowd kinda' picked up by then and I groaned at the thought of waiting long for this.
That salted-egg yolk sauce was calling out to me and there seriously is nothing more delightful that to mop that sauce up with these buns, with chunks of crab meat in between…

A bit of warning though.The 'mantou' bun served here are smaller than the norm.

Unlike the 'over-ordering' brouhaha from our Teh Tarik Changi dinner, this time I've learnt my lesson. Aside from the Fried Baby Squid, the other dishes would have sufficed nicely. Okay…actually, I ALMOST made the same mistake but luck was on our side somehow and the proprietress actually didn't hear my order and it was left out.

I had initially asked for them to pack it, before it actually arrive. Most of the dishes were out by then and I was freaking out about having more to eat. The server came back to tell me that it wasn't even in our order list. I heaved an obvious sigh of relief.

And no, I already can't recall what the order really was.

All in all, I really love it here. Being in a park, the greenery is really pleasing. Lots of open space for kids (just stay away from the pond) and the ponds are water features, aren't they? Water feature just have a calming effect on people, no matter what they're used as.

And the food it is commendable (depending on what you order).

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