Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mon An Halal Vietnamese at Eunos

Finally got down to having lunch at our favourite Vietnamese stall.

Eversince their announcent on their FB - of their new location at Blk 7 Eunos Crescent, at An Nur Makan Place, my colleagues and I very much anticipate our next visit there. After all, it's now much more conveniently located (right behind a bus stop and 5mins walk from Eunos MRT).

When we reached there however, it seemed a little too quiet. Quite a contrast to the scene with bustling customers congregating around her stall in the tight space of the coffeeshop at Kembangan. Maybe the office crowd from that area is sorely missed.

Here's a quick update on the foods we had since they're different from what we've had previously.

New location, inside An-Nur eating place

Fried fish Horfun

My 2 colleagues were eager to get here because they saw a status update with a picture of this and they've been thinking about it ever since. They were quick to place an order for that when we arrive.

However after the first taste, they find the sauce to be a lil' salty and has this permeating 'briny' scent. I had a taste and figured out that the 'nước mắm' (Vietnamese fish sauce) might be a tad excessive.

The proprietress was generous with the fried fish slices. I like that they were not mixed into the gravy and despite having soaked some of it, the batter still remain crispy.

Dry Beef Bee Hoon

This dish falls under the category, 'Salad Base' in their menu. And aptly so.

Another dish in the category is the prawn version of this. And that one appears to be like a 'deconstruction' of the popular 'Goi Cuon', that refreshing 'summer roll'. This plate that I order is the beef version.

I was delighted at the generous amount of marinated beef slices that appear to be pan-grilled (??). The meat comes off as tender, juicy and almost smoky. Reminds me of 'satay' somehow. And taste really good when paired with the slightly sweet, tangy yet savoury sauce. Not to mention all that julienned veggies plus leafy basil and mint…

Awesome healthy stuff, I'd say!

Goi Cuon

Ok, so this is something we've had many times before but I just can't resist posting yet another picture of this wholesome snack.

Summer roll… fresh spring roll. Whatever you'll call it. It's just awesome.

Really can't wait to get back here and maybe try out old favourite. Or take more risks with others? I'm still curious about that Tumeric Squid. Hmm…

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