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Penny University ~ The day we had cupcakes for breakfast

Our bosses went away to New Zealand for the long weekend for the long Lunar New Year Weekend. Before they went off, they told us that we're to come back right after the long weekend itself but we're to 'start' operations only from 11am.

They're the sort who believe in 'Fengshui' and having their own business makes them even more superstitious. Before every Lunar New Year, they will consult a Fengshui master on what date should they re-open after the new year. Even down to the time. We are not allowed to switch on anything (aka start work) before the stipulated time.

Oh, do you know that even our seating arrangements in the office are determined by 'Fengshui'?

ANYWAY… my colleagues and I, we planned to head somewhere for breakfast before we clock in at 11am that day. And the only thing that comes to mind was Penny University. Because we had enough of drooling at the pictures of cupcakes on Fluff Bakery's Instagram feed, that's why.

Before departing for the long weekend, us ladies made a point to remind ourselves again, about our grand idea (just in case we forgot all about it during that hectic weekend). Tuesday evening, I saw Fluffbakery's update on Instagram; about the various flavours available the next day. I excitedly tagged my colleagues and then had an early night.

Woke up the next morning to see my colleagues frantically contacting me to push our appointment date earlier. Turns out, Fluffbakery had warned us that the cupcakes may be sold out if we arrived late. So that morning, we all rushed down (take cabs, of course) to Penny University at 402 East Coast Road.

Imagine my relief when I stepped in and saw these… Phew!

Cupcakes on display

Does that make you salivate, much?

Our breakfast

I came to the booth seat that my colleague Roza had chosen and was greeted with this sight. She was the first to arrive and she made a point to order the cakes first, just in case they sell out.

Apparently, the previous Sunday, she arrived there at 8am to buy the cupcakes and she was the first in a looong line of people who came early for the same purpose (they open at 830am). Thankfully, each person is limited to purchase only 6pcs of cupcakes.

Even then, another friend of mine wailed to me that the cupcakes had all sold out by the time she arrived at 10am. Ooops…!

Salted Caramel (back), Pear & Almond (front) cupcakes

Apple Pie cupcakes

Nutella Red Velvet cupcakes

Cupcakes dissected part 01

The salted caramel (left) has a blob of salted caramel sauce in the centre and more drizzles of that on top. Easily my favourite of the lot. I'm biased like that.

Behind it, that cupcake had chunks of softened, slightly sweet pear in the centre, topped with mascarpone cheese and almond flakes. The whole ensemble tasted so light and yet, satisfying. Makes a good accompaniment for tea time snacks. Pair that with a hot cup of Earl Grey Tea… Whoa!

Cupcakes dissected part 02

Aside from it being a lil' too sweet for me, this was still enjoyable. Who would have thought of making a cupcake version of apple pie, eh?

The stewed apple chunks in the centre was pretty flavourful. And seem to pair well with what looked like cream cheese frosting on top? And that generous sprinkle of cinnamon powder all over. Worth licking your fingers for.

Cupcakes dissected part 03

Ahh… And the ever popular Nutella RVC. I've blogged about this previously and I've gotta' admit that I still have issues with that cream cheese frosting which comes off as too sweet for my liking. And that blob of Nutella centre is already sweet, on its own.

Maybe that's why the apple pie came off as a tad sweet too?

Muddy espresso with cold milk

My colleague, Sri's order. She was enticed by another customer's cuppa and wondered what that was. I pointed out this funny-sounding name on the menu board.

It tasted really good, frankly. Actually, in simpler words, this is simply 'cold latte'. But a very nice one, at that!

Espresso with milk - 7oz

I can't resist my morning cuppa and got myself a hot latte, large size please.

As you can see, the drinks arrived when we're halfway through with our cupcakes. I could see that these cuppas are made with so much passion that it takes time. I guess there'll come a day where they can get this done with similar passion and some speed as well, like in Chye Seng Huat Hardware.

I wonder how they cope on the busy weekends…

Honey infused greek yoghurt with granola and fruits

My colleague Roza's order. Actually she had wanted to get the French Toast. So did my other colleague, Sri.

As we're queueing at the counter, our eyes were glued to the menu board, getting our hopes high at the thought of savouring their breakfast (finally!).

Well, what do you know…? The owner, who was manning the cashier, regretfully told us that since it was directly after the Lunar New Year holidays, their bread supplies did not come in for that day. Hence breakfast items with breads wouldn't be served that day.

That will mean almost all savoury food items on the menu can't be served, save for the one in that picture above.

There goes my chance of sampling their 'Turkish Eggs'- 2 poached eggs with whipped yoghurt hot chili butter
served with sourdough bread. Sounds good, doesn't it…?

I don't know when I'll ever get to come down here again. Hopefully one morning. Hopefully…

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