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Daddy's Birthday at J's Wok & Grill - Part 2

As continued from the previous post.

After we're done with our mains, we eagerly asked for the menu to proceed with desserts. My bro was the one to make the first move. I guess that pasta and starters weren't enough for him.

Everyone chose a dessert item, except for myself. I was thinking that I can just skim some from each of their item. Besides there's the cake, remember…?

My parents had no idea about the cake and chose to share a dessert. Imagine if everyone had dessert and then there's the cake?

When the server walked away with the dessert orders, I tried hard to catch the eye of the guy with whom I made the hasty arrangement for the 'birthday special'. Maybe right then, my hubby must have been wondering what his wife was up to (I didn't tell him about the arrangement)…

When I got his attention from a distance, I mouthed-out, "The Birthday C-A-K-E…!" He was bewildered, initially. Then he remembered…Right then, I thought I can see the light bulb over his head.

Our table then started chatting away when a birthday song suddenly blasted through the restaurant's audio system. Without. warning. I really wasn't kidding when I say that they 'blast' the song. It was THAT loud! I was so shocked that I had a panic attack. My hands can't stop trembling after that.

And I was the one in the know about this… Wonder how the customers at the other tables felt.

Birthday surprise…? More like a birthday shocker. But the vibes are good. So I'm fine with that.

Birthday special

This sweet lady came over with the slice of cake and then lit the candle at our table, prior to serving. I gestured to my bashful dad at the the corner.

Look who's blowing…

Naturally, kiddo was the excited one. No matter whose birthday, he wants to blow the candle.

"Happy Boh-Day! Happy Boh-Day to Uuuuu!"


The doting grandpa (a.k.a Birthday Boy) was only happy to oblige. So the both of them blew out the candle together.

My cheeky brother, seeing how excited his nephew was, took out his lighter and re-lit the candle. Like 3 times more?

"...And I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow this cake down!"

So much for having this cake to myself. Everyone love this Oreo cheesecake. Even kiddo. I only got 1 or 2 bites… :(((

Chocolate ice-cream (1 scoop)

Part of Kiddo's kid's set meal. they asked for our preferred flavour and I blurted out 'chocolate'. Should have chosen vanilla instead, seeing that he already had Milo (chocolate malt) as his drink.

Chocolate overload (yes, I'll be the one paying for this mistake when I end up having to deal with his sugar-high antics)!

Fried Banana Fritter w/ ice-cream

My hubby's choice. As someone who hardly have desserts when dining out, his order took me by surprise.

Unlike the local 'pisang goreng' that we can get at regular stalls; here they use those 'Del Monte' type. So you can just imagine how big that banana was. The batter was almost tempura-like. Thin and crispy!

Visualise that piping-hot, crispy banana and frosty ice-cream with squiggles of chocolate fudge… Yeah, savour that thought.

Ok… where can I get 'pisang goreng' now?

Mango Delight

I. am. so. not. surprised that my bro got himself this.

Now here is a guy who's not shy to admit that he LOVES strawberry-flavoured snacks. Or desserts for that matter. Unlike the 'Bu Puo Shang' character in the Taiwanese 'Skip Beat' drama.

Chunks of ripe mango at the bottom of this sundae cup, with a generous scoop of strawberry ice-cream, topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherry, which my mum was happy to savour. 

Sago Gula Melaka w/ ice-cream

My parents chose this and I'm surprised that they came up with a dessert that might just appeal the elder folks with more 'traditional' tastebuds. Boiled sago mixed with a bit of coconut cream and 'gula Melaka' (palm sugar).

They were REALLY generous with that sago, such that some spilled over the edge when my mum dug into the ice-cream on top.

This was such a creative idea. I might just replicate this at home!

All in all, the bill came to around $150. Seriously, is that affordable or what? Food was better than expected, there's a 'mussolah' provided, service was alright, the interior was pleasing… And most importantly, my Birthday Boy enjoyed himself.

Now, if only they turn down the audio volume when playing that birthday song. Seriously.

J's Wok & Grill
Blk 527, Bedok North Street 3 

Singapore 460527
T: 6345 7155


PS: I came upon an article on FB, with regards to the Indian-Muslim owner of the provision shop that located a few doors down from J's Wok & Grill. He was having financial difficulties and worry about being evicted since he has been unable to pay the rental for his unit. Sales have dropped since the lift-upgrading works.

Please, patronise his shop and help him out. If evicted, his family will also lose a place to live in. 


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