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Daddy's Birthday at J's Wok & Grill - Part 1

For my dad's birthday, my bro and I start with some grand plans.

My bro planned something like… bringing him to our favourite sports shop and have him pick any shoe he wants, before heading to Olivye Cafe at Changi for dinner.

I was thinking that since the sports shop will be at Suntec City, we might as well head to Fika at Millenia Walk. I was thinking that my meat-lover dad will surely love that lamb I had.

Somehow, with a turn of events, on that very day, I simply asked my dad if he had a place in mind, to dine at. Immediately, he brighten up and say, "How about that J… that 'J' place at Bedok?"

I instantly knew what place he was referring to. I've been there with my parents when they just opened, years back. My mum had seen an article on them and was keen to try out their food. We had a great experience then. In fact, my hubby's side of the family had their family day gathering there twice.

When I told my brother as to my dad's choice to dine here, he replied with, "Finally…"

Curious about his reply, I asked why. Turns out, we recently drove past that restaurant and my dad had pointed that place out to him, saying that we should head there someday. Aww… so Mr Birthday Boi finally get his wish!

Not your average under-the-block dining…

Some may be surprised to see such a nice family restaurant located right smack in the middle of the heartlands.

I rushed in ahead of everyone, asked for a table for the 5+1 of us and then asked if they have any birthday 'specials'. They were taken aback and then mention something like, "… a slice of cake…"

My dad was already stepping in so I hurriedly finished off with, "Ok, I want that. It's for my dad's birthday." I then asked about the 'musollah' for us to conduct our Asar prayers. We were directed to the level above. Actually I already knew where it was. Just asked out of formality.

The toilet on the level above was equipped with a small ablution area and the prayer zone was amongst the staff lockers and storage shelf. There's a simple curtain for privacy and there's sejadah (prayer mat) and telekong (ladies prayer garb).

My dad…

…The 65 year-old birthday boy (already??!)  o__O

Ice-Lemon Tea & Iced Milo

The lemon tea belonged to my bro & hubby.

Kiddo's kiddie meal didn't come with a drink so I had to older at full-sized one for him. Doesn't help that those glass mugs are huge!

Hot matcha drink

Ordered this the previous time we were here and my parents had these again. The previous experience left such an impact on them that they can still remember enough, to be able to compare their previous cuppa with this!

Watermelon juice

I was really at loss as to what I shall choose to drink. Under much pressure from the stares I got from everyone at the table and the server patiently waiting at the side… I simply blurted out, "Watermelon juice."

That must be the work of my subconscious mind. 

Starters - Fried calamari & onion rings

My brother loves his fried stuff and asked for all these. I knew my hubby's penchant for Fried Calamari so I'm just happy to oblige.

The calamari, albeit being a bit on the thin side, was quite satisfactory. Meat wasn't tough and the batter was nicely seasoned. The breadcrumbed onion rings wasn't those cheapo run-of-the-mill kind. That's actually a whole ring of onion inside that breadcrumb layer.  

Starters - Fried chicken wings

I love chicken wings fried this was. Thin coat of seasoned flour and that's it. Came accompanied with sweet Thai chilli sauce.

Kiddo's meal

There's was a section for kids and I had kiddo point out his choice.

He was fascinated to see his favourite character, Barney in the picture. However, the Barney set was some sausages etc. I was hoping that he won't choose that. He then noticed the 'Nemo' set, which was a plate of Fish & Chips. He immediately pointed at that picture.

Wow… nice choice, kiddo! I'm amazed that at 3 years old, he can make his own decisions. I almost thought that he'd be swayed to pick the Barney platter but he choose the Nemo one because he wanted Fish & Chips, despite not knowing who the heck Nemo was. He only said, "Fish!"

There are other kids' food items but I can't recall what. Maybe some spaghetti & something else. And all the kids meal set comes with a scoop of ice-cream. But no drinks.

Btw, kiddo can't finish all that so my bro was more than willing to help him with it. :P

Pasta Carbonara

My brother's perennial favourite, when dining at western style restaurants/eateries. He wan't too fond of grilled stuff. It's either fried stuff or creamy (no, not tomato!) sauce pasta. And penne, preferably. 

Grilled lamb with mint sauce

'Birthday boy' took sometime before deciding on what he wanted. The meat was done nicely and to his liking. He left behind a clean (hot) plate to prove it.

I can't help noticing that circular bone within the meat, with the marrow still intact. Oh wow!

BBQ beef ribs

As if choosing the drinks didn't take me long enough… I had an even harder time, figuring out what I would like for my mains. After deducing the final two from my initial choice of like 4 or 5 options, it's either this or the Braised Lamb Shank that seemed similar to the one from Secret Recipe.

In the end, I asked my mum, "If I choose the beef ribs, will you share it with me?" She nodded. So beef ribs, it was.

I know my mum loves ribs. Be it lamb or beef. In fact, she was eager to try out the one from Charco's when she discovered them serving it.

I know the ribs will be big (as seen in the menu picture) but I was still taken aback to see it when it was eventually served. And the meat sure is tender. Literally fall-off-the-bone tender. I only need to pull the meat apart using the fork. With one hand.

And most importantly, that BBQ sauce was delish!

If only they had served me mashed potato instead of fries…

Thai grilled chicken

…Or something like that. I know it's one of the 'grilled chicken' varieties (there are a few others) and there's something 'Thai' about it.

The thigh chicken meat was nicely marinated and tender. The 'Thai' flavour… it's not just the typical Tom Yam taste. But the lemongrass flavour was evident, though. Either way, it's really tasty.

The meat sat atop a bed of boiled 'kailan' greens. Weird, maybe. But it complement that overall taste and setting. Very much Grilled Chicken - Asian style.

Texas grilled chicken

My hubby's choice. This was one interesting dish.

I don't know what clearly define anything 'Texas' in foods but this grilled chicken meat was topped with slices of chicken ham, mashed potato and cheese. Guess it was then tossed into the oven to melt that cheese, prior to serving.

Naturally, the chicken meat was crispy at the edges. Thankfully, it wasn't too dry. Hubby loved it.

It seems like I still have many more pics of the desserts coming, so I guess I'll just split this post up into 2 parts. 

J's Wok & Grill
Blk 527, Bedok North Street 3 

Singapore 460527
T: 6345 7155

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