Monday, March 04, 2013

Fika @ Millenia Walk

Still at the week where my bosses were away on holiday. Us colleagues, we're forever on the hunt for nice places to dine at, for lunch. What more when we're still feeling the holiday buzz after the super-long CNY weekend.

On that day itself, we finally decide on Fika ~ the halal Swedish bistro, since we've heard so much about this place and it came highly recommended. We were also surprised to know that they had a new branch opened at Millenia Walk. Got us even excited. The initial branch located at Arab Street has the cosy feel about it but it seemed a tad cramped. So we're eager to check this new one out.

Made reservation online through

When we arrived, we were welcomed in warmly and were told that they've chosen us a nice little corner. How sweet!

Cosy corner

Nope, we didn't sit at THAT corner. But we were right before it so it was a pleasant sight, indeed.

It'll be nice to sit here and chat with gal friends over some desserts (their cakes display is pretty impressive!) and tea/coffee.

Other side

They used my favourite Charles Eames style DSW dining chairs here. Love, love them!

Love the subtle colours with the mainly white background, framed pastel coloured graphics… What I have in mind for my new abode, actually.

Valentine's day special

Seems like such a steal, eh?

Menu - Food 1

Menu - Food 2

Menu - Desserts & Beverages

Menu - Beverages & Kids set

Kalle Spr├Ątt

Comes with the Valentine's Day meal. The options for soft drink was either the typical Coke/Sprite or this. Of course, our curiosity was begging to be satiated when we heard a weird name being mentioned (I had the server repeat the name twice).

Apparently, this is supposedly one of the more popular Swedish soft drink (carbonated). It's kiwi-flavoured and isn't too sweet (unlike those American ones) or gassy. A bit like Italian soda.

In case you're wondering… Nope, that glass is the brand for a popular non-alcoholic Pear Cider drink.

Imported Premium Cocoa - Iced

My colleague, Roza's order. Pretty mild taste, actually. But it sure is good to have on a hot day.

Soup of the Day

We enquired about the soup available for that day, prior to making our order. Was told that it's 'Potato Soup'. Sounds… interesting. I'm not really fond of potato but I'm just glad that this isn't the sort that comes out of the can, if you get what I mean.

Obviously this is made from scratch.

A light-tasting soup. Reminds me a lot like cauliflower soup, too. However, the portion is a tad big so we can easily get filled up before we even got to the mains.

Swedish Pasta Bake

Roza's order. Fusili pasta with tomato, minced beef, cream sauce and topped with cheddar cheese.

Grilled Rosemary Salmon

Sri chose to have the Valentine's day set, with the salmon as her main dish. We were blown away by the presentation when it first arrived.

As extracted from the menu:
"…served with crispy skin and almonds on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes, with sauteed wild mushrooms accompanied by homemade lemon butter sauce…"

It really looked as it was described. Plus, the clump of alfalfa sprout and dill was a pretty nice touch. The server, upon seeing that we might be sharing, offered side plates and an extra portion of the lemon butter sauce. Nice!

And I gotta say that the food taste as good as it looked. The salmon taste fresh and the portion sure is big! That really crispy salmon skin… sigh.

Delicious BBQ Rack of Lamb

I also chose the Valentine's day set, with the lamb as my main dish. I've been on the hunt for places that serve really good lamb and I gotta say that Fika takes the cake.

The lamb racks weren't dry, nicely marinated and most importantly, they weren't gamey. A big plus. I sure can't get enough of that homemade BBQ sauce. And those cucumber strips were such a great accompaniment for the lamb. Love it!

I have to admit that if this restaurant hadn't been so chic, I would have picked those lamb racks with my hands and nibble the meat off those bones! Especially those from the nitty-gritty corners. But too bad…

In case you're curious, some of the better rack of lamb can be found in those restaurant serving middle eastern food. Especially those Moroccan ones.

Red Velvet Deluxe

This, well I would recommend that they use a smaller plate for this. The large, round plate totally overwhelm the cute little cake, making it look even smaller than it already was.

"…served with cream cheese, drizzled with sweet chocolate sauce and topped with a blushing fresh strawberry…"

Now, now… where's that sweet chocolate sauce, again? We didn't want to kick a fuss and just finished this up. We were definitely full and need to rush back to the office.

Thankfully, the cake itself wasn't too sweet and it's moist, albeit a tad dense. The icing was a tad sweet but the tangy strawberry helped to cut through that.

Our meal that day came to $131.25 (inc. of 7% GST & service charge).


All in all, we were pretty impressed with the whole experience. The restaurant's interior and setting was spacious & simple; with nice and quirky Nordic charms (I want that for my new abode!). The service was attentive without being obtrusive. Food's definitely good.

The only issue is the pricing as it's a bit on the steep side. Given the location, maybe it's meant to attract the business crowd and those well-heeled folks. But I guess family crowd can always consider coming here for that special occasion.

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro
9 Raffles Boulevard,
#01-20 Millenia Walk

257 Beach Road

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