Monday, October 10, 2011

BBQ Chicken @ Downtown East

I seriously have a lot more blog posts to come.… Madness!

Ok, when did I have this meal again?? Seriously it's THAT long ago. But I can still remember the meal itself pretty easily cos' this jolly well could be one of the longest wait for my main course to arrive - EVER!

How long was it? Well, let's see… Long enough for my son to run in and out of the restaurant almost 10x? The only saving grace was that it was weeknight so the restaurant wasn't THAT filled out, therefore I spare myself some embarrassment; having to run/scream after an active toddler.

Then again, if the restaurant wasn't crowded, why did the food take THAT long to arrive?

Beats me. One thing for sure, my hubby already gave his thumbs down, "This will be the first and last. No more." (referring to dining there). Which is such a waste. Cos' I like the food they offer and this is the closest branch to home. Pfft.

Then again, maybe I'm impartial towards this place because they are from Korea, serves Korean stuff and pay K-pop MVs the whole time. :)))

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Now on to the food.


Glad I ordered this. Cos' this didn't require any cooking. Maybe that's why it arrived early.

What do you expect from this? At least the chips ain't stale. My only gripe was that all the squiggles of mayo & cheese were on top, leaving the insides dry.

Anyway we ordered the promo set where the main course comes with a bowl of soup (of-the-day), soft drinks and dessert.

Thankfully the soup (out-of-can variety) arrived around the same time as the above chips so at least we managed to fill ourselves up a wee bit.

Korean Traditional Charboiled Chicken

When this FINALLY arrived, my face was all flushed from all that running and also embarrassment. I was really exhausted and hungry.

I-dunno-how-many-times my son kept running into the cake shop opposite and stopped right in front of the counter because of this sweet teenage girl manning it. She had no choice but to ignore him because her boss was in there. So it was totally one-sided on my son's part. Poor boy… :P

The chicken meat was tender and nicely marinated. After Popeye's mashed potato, all others just seem so meh. I was pretty apprehensive as to what might be served for the veggie on the side. We are usually at the mercy of the oft-changing 'veggie-of-the-day' when it comes to this kind of mains. Thankfully the blanched french beans and carrots were to my liking, albeit a tad bland.

Black pepper beef steak

My hubby's order. He only managed a grunt when I asked him how the steak was. I guess when you're miffed with such poor service (yes, there were other issues), nothing seems good anymore. Oh well…

My son finally sat still after my hubby strapped him down in thr stroller (he hates baby seats) and fed him those fries. What's up with toddlers and fries anyway? Any toddler out there who don't like fries?

Too bad the portion's a tad too small for sharing so hubby didn't get much of them fries.

By the time we're finally done with our mains, it's wayy past my son's bedtime and my hubby was eager to get home (crank alert!). But I reminded him of the dessert that comes with the promo set so we asked that to be served together with the bill. I asked about the dessert and it was a scoop of ice-cream per set. I forgot to place my choice of flavour and the server didn't even ask. Pfft.

Naturally, while waiting, my boy took the chance to take off and greet his 'ice-princess' (she still refused to acknowledge him, poor fella). When I came back to the table, I saw that my hubby had taken the chocolate flavour for himself, leaving me with the vanilla.

My son took interest in it so I shared it with him (what? I know it's already his bedtime and all but if I don't do that, the ice-cream will go to waste!).

Here are my previous dining experiences at BBQ Chicken (inc. at other branches):
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I will be coming back for the Hot Hot Drums or Jerk Chicken. That's how much I like those. But not with my hubby, I guess.

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