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Thai Cuisine

Ok, this was the same Thai-Muslim foodstall that I've blogged about previously. Apparently, I've gotten their name wrong that time. It was actually much simpler - Thai Cuisine.

Here are pictures taken from 2 separate visits to this stall.

Phad Thai

I've always wanted to order this favorite of mine. Finally got down to it.

I can still clearly remember my first (and still favourite) Phad Thai that I had at the now-defunct Magic Wok at Marina Square.

The noodles were already nice enough to be eaten on their own. Carried a hint of the palm sugar sweetness and briny taste from the fish sauce. After mixing in the condiments, the flavour of it never fail to make this a permanent order whenever I'm there.

…That good.

Phad Thai (condiments)

This rendition of the Phad Thai, meanwhile, while decently done, doesn't live up to that flavour that I was used to. Just too bad that I raised the bar that high.

But this dried chilli sprinkles are really as fiery and potent as they appear. It's no secret that these are bird's-eye chillies; dried and then crushed.

I only mixed in half of this, with the crushed peanut and a squeeze of the lime wedge. Some also add a bit of sugar to ease out the heat. I didn't. I wish I did, though.

The heat didn't inflame my mouth - tongue, gums & lips until I cleaned out the plate. And I made the grave mistake of ordering homemade lemon tea.

My lips hurt so bad that I start to imagine myself easing it all with some ice-cream from the mobile vendor in-front of a nearby school. But he was no longer to be found so I backtracked and ordered from a bubble-tea shop, a chocolate & cookie smoothie topped with ice-cream, no less. Gimme cream, more cream!

Fried Kway Teow

My colleague made a 'safe' order of simple fried kway teow. Even this come off as a tad bland. Maybe the cook need to be a wee bit generous with the seasoning. The fish sauce especially.

Anyway my colleague prefer a bit of heat with her food so she got herself a scoop of the chili padi bits floating in soy sauce.

Tom Yum soup (plain)

Another colleague felt like having the Tom Yum but forgot to request for carbs like some noodles in the soup or a bowl of rice on the side.

It's pretty important to have some carbs to help offset the full effect of the potent heat from this fiery soup. Cos' aside from the whole chili padi floating aimlessly in the bowl, there are also those crushed ones with a handful of their dangerous seeds at the bottom of the bowl.

Colleague learnt it the (very) hard way. She eventually had to purge everything out because it was too much for her stomach to handle.

Like me, she also made the grave mistake of ordering homemade lemon tea, which only worsen the effect.

Some months back, I think they came up with these lunch sets. Initially there were only 3, I think. Stir-fried beef, omelette & basil chicken. Either 1 will be served with rice, tom yum soup & a serving of stir-fried mixed vegetables ala 'chap chye'. At $5.50 each.

On another day, I came by and saw that they have made some slight changes; no more beef, but there are now 3 varieties of chicken dishes - regular chicken, basil chicken & chicken with brinjal (all stir-fried). The omelette remain.

Now, about that omelette. It cost the same as the chicken dishes. I really wonder why. Is it just plain omelette or does it have fillings? It seem to wrap around the rice, like the 'Pattaya' style.

Lunch set

I forgot to have my breakfast so I was pretty famished, come lunchtime. Took the opportunity to sample their lunch set.

Basil Chicken w/ rice

Was kinda disappointed to see that the meat portion was kinda' dismal.

But the taste was spot on. Like it enough to order the dish on its own next time (must be very hungry to attempt that).

Tom Yum soup (small bowl)

Comes in the set. Despite coming in a small bowl, there are still ingredients like surimi, fishball, a prawn & a couple of squid rings.

Mixed vegetables

This was prepared beforehand. Not that I really mind. Wouldn't have been sensible to fry a small portion of this whenever someone order a set.

The mix of 'chye sim', cabbage & carrots weren't over-cooked so they still retain a bit of their colour and crunch. Flavour, too.

Tom Yum soup w/ kway teow

Another colleague already aimed to order their Tom Yum and made a point to add kway teow for some carbs.

They use the thin version, similar to the one used for the 'Phad Thai' above.

As you can see, there's at least an order for the ubiquitous Tom Yum soup whenever we came by here. Served in different ways but it comes down to it being that fiery & tangy soup.

And yes, lesson learnt. No sour drinks ordered this time round. :P

Thai Cuisine
Blk 301 Ubi Ave 1
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