Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Thai-Muslim Foodstall

Around a month or so ago, my colleagues told me that a new Thai-Muslim foodstall just opened at the coffeeshop near our workplace.

2 weeks ago, we decide to give this place a shot. Located right next to another Muslim food stall selling 'Ayam Penyet', I wonder if this new presence affected their sales, somewhat.

I saw the pictures of food that they have on display and the list of food on their menu board. Seems impressive. They
seem to serve a wide variety of things. Various kinds of fried rice and noodles (including the ubiquitous 'Phad Thai'). Plain rice with stir-fried dishes. Many variations on noodles (including beef noodles).

I saw that they have Olive Rice. I remembered the nice one that my boss had when we dined at a Thai restaurant recently. Also the one served at Magic Wok. So I gave it a shot. My colleagues had the Seafood Fried Rice and Seafood Fried 'Kway Teow'.

The lady taking our orders spoke simple English and wrote down the orders in Thai scripts. And she also called out our order in Thai, to this middle-aged lady manning the kitchen. Hmm... it all just seem to scream,

The lady in the kitchen was furiously frying away in her wok. When my order was finally ready, I was somewhat crestfallen to see that my Olive Rice turned out to be a simple heap of purplish
rice on the plate. I looked at the display picture with its garnishes and condiments on the side. Such a stark contrast. Same goes for my friends' orders. But it smelt good, though.

The condiments that they have are plus points. There was a container full off cut 'chili padi' soaked in light soy sauce (maybe even fish sauce). And another container with potent-looking 'sambal belacan' (chilli pounded with fermented shrimp paste). Potent not because of the chili, but the more stinky type of shrimp paste used, which is popular among the Thais

Taste-wise, it was pretty good, actually. Taste almost... homely. Like how one's mum prepares food. No effort at presentation but more passionate about how it taste. I almost feel bad about criticising the plain outlook in the first place.

Pineapple fried rice

Came back here again another time and I made the same mistake of choosing my order from the pictures on display. That, naturally kept my hopes high with regards to how it'll look like on the plate.

Not surprisingly, I ended up disappointed.

But the aroma perk me up somewhat. Plus the fact that they didn't forget the chicken floss. And of course, unlike the presentation, the taste didn't disappoint. :)

Yam Mamuang

I can't resist ordering this green mango salad. I'd much prefer the 'Som Tham' (green papaya salad) but it might not appeal to all, since I intend to share.

There's a right amount of tart but it could be a lil' less sweet and a bit more salty (can't believe I'm saying this!). Otherwise it's nice. Kinda' missing the dried shrimps usually found it those 'Som Tham' though.

After all that, will I be coming back here again? Why not? There are more items to check out. Especially their noodles and stuff.

So there. I've since decided not to expect too much from a neighbourhood food stall. If they really do prepare things the way it's done in restaurants, it would have been such a bonus! Otherwise, it should have been fine. Expectations should be kept at a realistic level, as I've learnt.

Thai-Muslim Food (that's what is on their signage)
Yummy Food Point
Blk 301, Ubi Ave 1

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