Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Day @ J's Wok & Grill

Hubby's side of the family held their annual family day here. Previous event held here was for the family matriarch's 69th birthday, last July.

You can read about it HERE & HERE (2 parts).

Finger foods

Top: Breaded fish fingers (real fish fillet).
Mid: Vegetable 'popiah' (spring rolls).
Bottom: Deep-fried 'sotong' (squid/cuttlefish) balls. I wonders what brand of 'sotong' ball they use. Reminds me a lot like the OCK ones. Nicer, in fact.

This set was a hit with the kids.

Western salad

I think they were a tad ..erm.. generous with the dressing. Somehow, I much prefer the ones I had last year, though.

Eastern salad

Eastern = Indonesian = Javanese = Gado-gado, la!

Fried tofu & tempe + boiled potato & rice cakes + blanched cabbages & french beans + cucumber. Covered with spiced peanut sauce and topped with crackers.

A better variation than last year's simple 'lalab/ulam kampung' (village greens).

(L) Cheng Tng & (R) Sago Gula Melaka

Now on to the desserts. The 'cheng tng' was similar to the one from last year. The sago was something new. Sago beads floating in diluted coconut milk that's sweetened with palm sugar.

Can't have too much of this. Too cloying.

Brownies & chocolate mousse cake

The brownie was a little too dense and slightly dry. Taste-wise, it's alright.

The chocolate mousse cake (or maybe it's truffle cake… I dunno)… it's really nice..!

Of course, there are more food than just those posted here. Akin to the one we had last year, the amount of dishes are similar, just that we have some change on the choices.

The carbs are similar - white rice, fried rice & friend mee. Instead of Tom Yam soup, this year, we had shark's fin soup (mock fins, I hope). I can't really recall most of others - just butter prawns, dry-chili chicken, black pepper beef and sweet-sour fish fillets.

Some were a hit-and-miss case. I just feel like the food served last year fared way better.

I wonder where the next annual family gathering will be held…

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