Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Instagram-ed - Japanese snacks

I'll be lying if I say that I wasn't somewhat hooked on this photography app with some social networking on the side.

The numerous options to edit your pics with tilt-shift & vignette, give the the lomo, vintage or stylish b/w effect to photos… makes me delirious!

What more, we can also connect with like-minded souls out there who are similarly IG-happy. Almost like tumblr, just that we know that the photos we publish are our own…

…I like!

And to kick-start this series, I present you my obsession - Japanese snacks!

Japanese wafer biscuits (flavoured)

What I mean by flavoured is not the 'chocolate & strawberry' kind. These flavours here are the savoury sort.

(clockwise from top-left) There's shrimp, squid, crab & seaweed. And believe me, they sure taste like the real deal!

And the thin wafers are so crisp & melt-in-the-mouth.…

These and the next 2 items were purchased by my boss, from her client's shop at ION Orchard. Apparently, they import authentic Japanese goodies like these and they sure don't come cheap. Not to mention, the fact that these are packed in boxes which are wrapped really nicely like a gift (just like in Japan).

Sakura biscuit

During the time when she bought this, it was right smack during the Sakura blooming season. My tumblr was flooded with Sakura photos taken by my contacts in Japan. I was a bit put-off by the idea that this will carry the taste of those flowers that almost clouded my sight as I scrolled thru' my tumblr dashboard.

However, I ended up being pretty surprised by my first bite. The biscuit has the taste and texture of 'langue de chat' (cat's tongue biscuit), albeit crispier. And whatever flavour the cream in between has, it is mild. Well, I sure have no idea what Sakura really taste like but if it does taste like that, I dare say that it's pretty nice!

Japanese wafer biscuit (plain)

This may be a plain wafer biscuit. But it is so crisp and delish that this has got to be THE plain wafer biscuit. Period.

Choco crisp pie

Bought this from a vendor who set up a temporary stall at the atrium of the nearby Starhub Green. Much to my delight, they specialise in Japanese snacks & goodies.

I have to admit that this one here is pretty common, especially at ESSO-NTUC marts etc. but I finally gave in and bought it that day because I want to stock-up the office pantry with something interesting.

This is basically crushed cornflakes that's chocolate-coated. Not that very different from the ones I used to make for Hari Raya.

Mini Oreo bars

Bought this at the same time as the Choco Crisp Pie above. The vendor was telling me that this was one of the fast-selling item then. I got curious and realise that I've never really seen this before. And the whole packaging is in Japanese.

Authentic, much? Of course I bought it.

There are 3 different flavours inside. Chocolate, green-tea (matcha) & white chocolate. I first tried the chocolate one and was blown away. Right then, I already regret buying only 1 packet of these.

As a lover of Oreo biscuits, I dare say that this is da bomb! The crunchy center is actually made of large morsels of the famous dark biscuits and it's coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate outside. Not that sweet and it carried the full-bodied taste of Oreo biscuits!

The green tea version somehow has a pretty robust 'matcha' flavour mixed in with the biscuit bits and is similarly coated with milk chocolate.

And last one has the same Oreo morsels in the middle but is coated with white chocolate and has drizzles of milk chocolate on top. Yums!

Beard Papa Cream Puff

I've been wanting this for the longest time. The last time I had this was when I was at the basement of VivoCity. As soon as I saw their signage, I subconsciously head for the stall; leaving my frustrated hubby to follow from behind...

Anyway, I've never bothered to head to town just for this (nearest is in Bugis). Recently, I discovered that The Icing Room also served something similar (there's a branch at Tamp 1) but there's something lacking in their version. Maybe because the cream wasn't freshly piped into the puff, that's why.

My boss was the one who introduced me to this and I've never looked back ever since.

And finally, few days back, she came in with a box of these. But it was sometime after they were bought so the cream was almost lukewarm, thus tasting slightly sweeter that what I preferred. But it's the real stuff, and that's what mattered.


And there you go, the various Japanese snacks in my hit-list. Naturally, there's more that wasn't mentioned, like those cute Bourbon Petit cookies… Well, let's save that for another post, shall we?

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